On Thanksgiving Day, as we sat around the table enjoying a delicious meal, my mom gave her annual celebratory toast to my Great Aunt Flossie (yes that was her real name) for teaching her the "secret" to making a turkey that melts in your mouth. I've been hearing this story since I was a child so you can imagine that when I think of Aunt Flossie, I associate her memory with Turkey.

Aunt Flossie was well-known for something. What are you well-known for?

In today's world, Google has captured the market on "general" knowledge. The internet has made it possible for you to access general information for free without leaving your home or spending money to gain access to the knowledge. It's essential that you become known for what you do and share your specialty in a marketing message that creates interest when people meet you or find you online. Here's a quick example of a general message versus a specialized message:

General: "I'm a business attorney."

Specific: "I'm an attorney that specializes in helping small business owners in the first year of business get set up for success. My specialty is trademarks and partnership agreements. My clients describe me as their "peace of mind resource."

I invite you to think about becoming known for something in your business or industry in 2013 - really stand out from the crowd. Below are three tips you can use to uncover your brilliance and create a marketing message that will help you to stand out and step into 2013 for greater business success, expert status and increased income:

1. Observe - Block out a few minutes after every client interaction to ask yourself the following questions: What worked well? What didn't? What part of the work felt effortless and seamless for me? Did the client get the result they were looking for? If so, what process did I use to support that?

2. Ask - I'm a big fan of survey's and asking my clients and followers about what it is I help them with the most. A survey can be as simple as creating an email that you send out to your most treasured clients asking them to comment on their work with you. Ask them specific questions: What has been the greatest outcome for you in our work together? How would you describe me to someone else? Get into their minds and find out what it is you do for them. If you are just getting started in business and don't have many clients, ask these questions to trusted friends and colleagues who know you well and champion your new business.

3. Create - Once you've done your observation and asked your clients about the work you do together, create a clear, concise marketing message that communicates what you are known for - the result that you deliver to clients in your business or industry. This becomes your marketing mantra that you will use on your web site, social media, networking, writing and speaking.

This one action step can truly make the difference between having a BIG breakthrough in business in 2013 or settling for mediocre results. By the way, my Great Aunt Flossie also owned a small, very successful women's clothing store which was no small feat in the 1940's. This is what I choose to remember about her most. She was a well-known woman. Make sure you are too.

Anything is possible. Everything is waiting for you.

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