Life is like a palette of inspiration from which we can choose our personal preferences. We want to choose the people, activities even colors that are aligned with our inner Truth and allow us to shine.

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That is what your energy and brilliance is about, being aligned with your inner Truth. When your personality merges with that essence you can really shine in the world.

Energy requires clarity and focus to have the greatest affect and impact.

When your light has been dimmed by not aligning your choices with your inner Truth, such as the job or career you are in, the light you shine in the world is also affected. You are dulled and others don’t notice your greatness.

How many of us have created our image from the inside out?

I recently had a color consultation that was not as much about creating an outer image or persona but bringing more clarity about aligning to my inner Truth. It is not only about choosing the ideal colors for you to wear; it starts with recognizing and aligning with your inner brilliance.

More than 25 years ago I was told to wear colors with warm tones in an autumn palette. It was comfortable enough but didn’t make me shine and contradicted the colors I loved which were soft and cool.

There was conflicting energy over the years not only with what colors to wear but the work I was doing and who I was being in the world. It was based in large part on what other people thought was good for me even when it didn’t feel like my truth.

Unless you take off the mask of an outer persona that has been created and accepted to those around you but is not in alignment with your Truth, you will feel conflicted. The false identity that has overlaid your inner truth can be cleared away.

Sometimes we need to explore and try different things on in many aspects of our life to know what really works and has us feel inspired.

Inner transformation also creates change in your outer world. You will feel in harmony with new people, activities and circumstances that come forth and align to your new energetic vibration.

When you become clear and focus your energy on your gifts you are in love with life and feel a great sense of joy. Your light shines. The Universe picks up on your energy and brings forth ideal matches for you.

It will positively affect your light, your energy, your presence and your power.

Others who have preferred the old version of you may be disappointed and resist the changes within you. If they tell you why it’s not a good idea, or act annoyed by the changes, remember that only you know what is best for you.

Your light shines from within not from without. Not from someone outside of yourself, not a persona that was created to mask your Truth and your unique gifts.

When you trust yourself and your inner brilliance you will shine. Your colors of inspiration will radiate from your inner world and reflect back in your outer world.

Self-Enquiry Reflection

Consider if your inner and outer worlds are in alignment.

Do you wear colors that you love?
Do you enjoy what you do for work?
Do you participate in activates that fill you with joy?
Are your own opinions in conflict with what other people tell you?
Is your Inner Self honored in your close relationships?

Emotion, beliefs, memories, behaviors, ancestral patterns and stories handed to you from others affect your inner brilliance. As these layers are put on your truth your perception becomes cloudy and distorted until you are not even sure who you are anymore, thus losing your power and your unique brilliance.

Energy clearing removes those layers so you can access your inner knowing, your Truth and re-claim your brilliance. It’s like coming home to you.

Energy Healing is a catalyst for transformation and greatly benefits anyone who has a desire for positive change and seeks to live life on purpose.

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Whisper Greetings has inspiration to share about living your life purpose intentionally with grace and ease and guides you with energy clearing to release resistance along your journey of transformation.

A few years ago a perfect storm with personal loss and career overload led Sheila to take a "you-turn" away Sheila's portrait from the known. Walking away from a 26-year career in the corporate world to live her life on purpose.

Whisper Greetings was founded in February 2010 originally as a custom design greeting card business. Along Sheila's own journey of personal transformation she discovered there was much more she was called to share with the world about connection, healing and hope.

The Art of Life Purpose collection and Divinely Inspired articles are healing messages for personal transformation.

Sheila also guides heart-centered individuals with Energy Clearing techniques, processes, skills and know-how to free them of resistance. It is a catalyst for transformation and greatly benefits anyone who has a desire for positive change, seeks to live life on purpose and wants to create a life that is perfectly aligned with their authentic self.