Slushie cocktails are a rage today - so much so that you might as well find it impossible to imagine birthday parties or big get-togethers without the slushie corners around.

Now, since the slushie machines come in a variety of configurations – thanks to the different brands of devices out there, there is a lot of confusion regarding the correct ways in which these appliances can be used.

Are You Opting for Slushie Machine Hire?

Are you hosting a birthday party for your kids? Are you in talks with a party organiser? Do you want to hire single or double bowl slushie machine for your party? If yes, then make sure you are going through this primer because it will acquaint you with the correct ways in which you can use a slushie machine. Read on to unravel.

Now, it should be noted that questions regarding the correct use have cropped up from time to time merely because most of us have struggled with its use. Throughout these years, we have been convinced that using these machines remains an elaborate affair.

slushie machine

You necessarily don't have to go through the difficulties. Starting from preparing the cocktails, fixing the taste, then pour it in the machine only to wait eternally to get the thing cold enough to achieve the right texture and then taste it just to find out that it's not what you want and eventually follow the entire process all over again.

Is It Difficult to Operate the Slushie Machine?

Using a slushie machine for a birthday party in Sutherland Shire is not really about this ordeal. There is a set formula which can help you do away with the trial and error method.

Let us tell you that it takes around thirty to forty minutes for the machine to achieve the consistency desired by most of the customers out there. Follow these few simple steps:

  • Premix the right amount of water to pave the way for the right consistency.
    Choose 2 x 5 litre bottles for the mix.
  • Since the slushie machine is depleted make sure you are making efforts to minimise the refreezing time by topping up the barrel with premix once the previous blend reaches halfway.
  • This will ensure that your guests are not prepared to wait too long to be served.

Are You Talking to the Bartenders for Help?

One of the practical ways of using the machine correctly would be to reach out to a bartender but only when you know that he is an expert at what he does. Frankly speaking, most of the bartenders are still struggling with the trial and error method of preparing cocktails that we have so far tried to do away within this article.

The experts have admitted that their initial interviewers with the bartenders had convinced them that they were as confused. So, make sure that you are choosing your guide carefully. Hopefully, this primer has been of help.

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The author is a slushie expert associated with slushie machine hire services for years now. Those conducting birthday party in Sutherland Shire often turn to him for slushie machine suggestions.