The world is going through an unemployment surge and more & more people are losing their mining jobs in africaThere has been a sharp surge in the number of job seekers over the last few years. As a result, a lot of people are feeling dissatisfied and are looking actively for a job and they also feel their efforts in a job search are not reaping in any benefits.

Getting approached by an insider

This is a type of job offer where you might be working in the same industry or a competitor. You are not actively looking for another job or you may not have submitted your resume in a job. An existing employee of a competitor may know you personally or you may have worked in the past for a competitor. If someone approaches you with this kind of job offer, it means they have made their mind to employee you.

Through networking

There is another scenario where you don’t have any personal connection with employees of another company. But you may get approached by that company through references to mutual friends or co-workers. Employees are getting incentives these days for introducing their friends and filling up the vacant positions. Hence, a mutual friend of yours could refer you to their company.


There are headhunting companies who tend to maintain a database of their contacts and resumes. So if you are talented and even though not looking for a job, chances are these headhunting companies may approach you with an offer at frequent intervals.

A different Scenario

There are 2 types of jobseekers, one who are looking for a job action and the relaxed ones, who don’t need it desperately. These are the job seekers who are actively looking for Jobs in South Africa through different common platforms

Contacts in an organization

Through developing contacts inside an organization, you increase your chances of getting hired in that organization. Although the companies are paying the existing employees for bringing in new talent, this method can be a little tough. On the other hand, it increases your chances of getting inside the organization. There is a 20 % more chance that you would get hired in that company as compared to going through walk-in or jobs.

Company website or newspaper ad

The advantage of going through the company website's job posting is that these are authentic and not just the purpose of gathering resumes, which HR consultancies do. It could be a walk-in or initial screening round before you get to meet a senior hiring person in the company. Although the process is authentic, but there are little chances of getting selected in this kind of job ads. The company will treat you as a random stranger and you will have to go through the process defined by the HR of the company.

Job Portals

Some job portals are offering jobs like sales jobs in south africa Marketing jobs in Ghana or Mining jobs in Africa There are many things which satisfy the job seekers when it comes to applying on job portals. They gain personal satisfaction after applying to several job openings on the job portals. The job seekers just have to select the different job openings and click the submit button to their satisfaction. If the recruiter or hiring company likes their resume, they get a call. Companies of all sizes advertise and publish their jobs on job portals. Some are free postings and some companies pay these portals to highlight their openings above others.
Now, A question arises, what type of job are looking for yourself? Most of the people in Africa are relying on job websites and newspaper ads to find themselves the jobs. But adopting new methods for your job search may give you’re a better chance of getting hired amidst increasing unemployment.

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Mrs. Kaesi is an expert HR professional working with different clients spread across the length and breadth of African continent. She is adept in analyzing the trends of African job market and possess an expertise in analyzing and reporting any changing trends in African union Jobs.