Do you want to make your home ecologically friendly? If you have great interiors in your home, but what’s the benefit if your home is painted with toxic chemical colors. Many research studies have resulted that paints caused health hazards to your family and environment. It’s worth re-painting with eco-friendly colors to let your family have clean air inside the home.

Of course, every individual wants to make an aesthetic quality of their home or office by applying a fresh new coat of paint or re-staining a battered piece of furniture to make it new again. Fresh, clean indoor air is the foremost priority for all the home or office owners. It is important when painting your commercial or home space, choose less –toxic paints or stains and breathe clean indoor air.

Many Commercial Painters suggest that the quick and simple way to change the look of anything from exterior to interior is to change the color. Don’t get confused whenever you visit a local hardware store. I know you will get a lot of brands, shades to pick from and also a wide variety of options to choose from. But yes, if you are looking to protect your health and the environment then go for eco-friendly paint as it’s the best option.

What’s wrong with the regular conventional paints?

The regular paints contain the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which readily evaporate at the room temperature. It pollutes our outdoor as well as indoor air. There are many ill effects of chemical paints such as –

  • Burning Eyes
  • Irritation in Throat
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Skin Cancer
  • Kidney Damage
  • Asthma etc.

The smell which you get when you open the color can it is the VOC. Therefore, many Commercial Painters advice to used VOCs only in well-ventilated areas.

The Eco – Friendly Paints are classified as –

Zero Volatile Organic Compound Paint – The level of VOC is so low, that it can be termed as “Zero VOC paints”. As per the Environment Protection Agency, the VOC is 5 gram per liter.

Low – Volatile Organic Compound Paint – The range of the VOC is 5-200 gram per liter.

Natural Paints – These paints do not contain any VOCs in them. It is made of all the natural components such as tree resins, water, plant oil, essential oil, and natural dyes. As these are the water-based paints so they don’t have any odor.

Why to used Natural Color?

Eco-friendly is the new trend for everything. We recycle and generally do our best to save our planet earth. In the past, the lead-based paints are common in place. Painting is different now with every changing phase, paints have also made their way towards greenery. No matter what color you choose, you can go-green with it.

The commercial painters offers the technically advanced eco-friendly products to their customers. The painting professionals work in combination with manufacturers, people do their work and know how to deliver the end result together keeping the customers and craftspeople safe for the duration.

Let’s explore the benefit of using Natural Colors –

Minimal Environment Impact – The normal regular paints are the oil-based, but the most environment friendly paints are water based so they don’t leave any harmful hazards. Nowadays the eco-paints are available in almost every shades and most importantly the components in them is biodegradable.

No Health Hazards – Do you know the VOC contain in the paint remain active for almost 5 years after the paint is applied. Because of these VOC contain many people suffer from lung cancers, kidney damage etc. But as the natural paints have zero VOC contain so, it’s safe for your health.

Naturally Produced – The most vital point of eco-paints is it produced with all the natural components. The plant extract, seed oil bee wax, lemon peel etc. These paints are generally safe during the manufacture process as well as after it’s applied.

Low Odor – The regular conventional paints are full of chemical components so they emitted unpleasant odor. Due to chemical components you often end up coughing madly, headaches or dizziness, when you get your house painted. But eco-friendly paints are odorless as all the natural components are used.

Cost Efficient – No doubt, eco-friendly are more costly than the regular chemical based paints. But nowadays every individual is conscious about their health and the effects. They may seem to be expensive but crucial point is they protect your health and environment too.

Conclusion –

If we come to the conclusion part, Eco-friendly paints always score over the regular paints that used chemical components. Never put the misconception that eco-friendly paints are boring. The go-green paints are emerging in the market, with attractive colors, durable and provide long lasting coverage. As today, all the major brands offer lot of eco-friendly options and palettes to choose from.

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