There is no greater gift than the gift of a child. Becoming a surrogate can help provide a loving family with the dream of growing their family. There are so many desperate couples out there that may not have any other options to have a baby.

Being a surrogate can be a rewarding and fulfilling duty, but there is much more involved than just a pregnancy and birth. If you are considering becoming a surrogate, doing your research is the best place to start. You should know all the aspects and requirements before you make your final decision.

Consider all of the physical, legal, emotional and financial aspects of surrogacy before taking on such a large commitment. Learn more through your doctor or one of the many online resources available.

If you are serious about surrogacy, look at the basic requirements and information that we have outlined here for your consideration.

The Basics

These are the basic requirements that you will have to meet according to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine whether you are dealing with an agency or becoming a private surrogate.

1. You must have given birth to at least one healthy child with no complications.

2. You should be between the ages of 21 to 38, although certain exceptions can be made.

3. You should be a non-smoker and live a drug free lifestyle including certain prescription medications.

4. Your BMI should be within the normal range for a woman your age and height.

5. You must not be on any kind of financial public assistance.

The Commitment

Being a surrogate can take much more than just the average 9 months. In some cases the process can take years to complete. There are many physical and psychological examinations that you will have to participate in and undergo various medical procedures.

For a successful IVF pregnancy you will likely have to start a rigid medication and hormone injection schedule. Keep in mind that there are no guarantees with any pregnancy and you could have various problems including miscarriages that you should be prepared for. Having a strong sense of emotional health and maturity is vital during the surrogacy process.

The Open Mind

When you are matched with a surrogacy couple it is important to keep an open mind and be as accepting as possible of their needs. After all, you are dealing with their child, not yours. Consider things like race, religion, culture and if they are members of the LGBT community when you are going through the matching process. You should also keep in mind that you could end up pregnant with multiple babies due to the IVF process. Make certain that both you and the couple that you are matched with see eye to eye on issues such as genetic testing or termination issues if there is trouble with the pregnancy. The closer of a relationship that can be developed between all parties, the smoother and more comfortable the surrogacy process can be.

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