In my book, “Wings To Fly” I tell a shortened version of the following story. The story revolves around how we can set ourselves up for harm and failure without realizing that we are doing it. When we do, the consequences can be disastrous. Here’s the story.

The owl and his friend, the little bird, were perched on a branch together. The wise owl kept looking over at the little bird who had a wing over his right eye and was crying. He kept thinking about what to say. He could see that the little bird was very upset and was crying uncontrollably. He was waiting for the little bird to tell him how come he was so upset and crying.

Finally, he thought, “I will just ask him a simple question.” He turned to his friend, the little bird, and asked him; “Why are you crying?”

The little bird looked up at his friend the owl and removed his wing from his right eye. The owl was shocked. He could see that the little bird had lost his right eye. The owl knew that the little bird had been with his friend, the big bird and they had had an argument.

The owl said, “I can see you are upset because the big bird pecked your eye out.”

The little bird through the sobs and the tears looked at the owl and said, “No I am not upset that the big bird pecked my eye out. I am upset because I let him.”

The little bird was upset because he had allowed a situation to get worse. And, in the process, by not taking the action to protect his best interests, he had become a victim. As a victim, he felt disempowered and incapable of moving forward.

Quite often in life, we allow others to peck away at us and destroy our self-esteem. In the process, we become victims. We become angry. To move forward in your life, recognize when you are leading yourself down the path to being a victim. Stop. Do what is right to preserve yourself. After all, the only way you can be best for others is to first be best for yourself.

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I like to have fun with people and what I do. I am a personal business coach, public speaker and author. I first started on this path in 1983. That tells you something about what I do, but what is more important is who I am.Self improvement and the opportunity for personal development came at me head on in the early 1980’s. I was educated with two degrees, yet I wasn’t able to handle it. Why? I was not ready mentally, and more importantly, emotionally. I didn’t understand that the true joys of life come with a drive to self education, a focus on self improvement.For more information visit at : self improvement courses in Houston Texas