The comfort Zone!

90% of the population live here. They are satisfied with the way life is. They fit the description of an average American very well.

This is called the comfort zone because like an old worn pair of jammies; it is comfortable. And people have gotten so comfortable in their jammies that Americans now wear their jammies out to play, shop and eat.

When things are comfortable there is not a lot of work. You do just enough to get by and then that is it. In Work there is not striving to be better because if you do just enough to get by then you will still get paid.

Most people believe that house work is a lot of work. If a family can not afford a house cleaner then they are comfortable to live in messy, disorganized and dirty homes and say well, its homey or lived in. They have homes in the comfort zone.

Staying happily married takes a lot of work which is why there is a high rate of divorce in America. Most Americans rarely work at their marriages neglecting them as much as they neglect their own bodies. They are lazy in their marriage and do little to nurture the relationship The marriage becomes comfortable and boring. Many marriages are deep in the comfort zone.

Staying focused on your children takes a lot of work. Taking time to listen to them and talk to them takes time. Family time together is as compromised as the marriage. It is more comfortable to sit on the couch and watch television than it is to play a game with the kids.

It is a lot of work to stay healthy. Today, about one in three American kids and teens is overweight or obese, nearly triple the rate in 1963. Today just over a third of all Americans are overweight. What is worse, the already obese are getting fatter. Severe obesity will double by 2030, when 11 percent of adults will be nearly 100 pounds overweight, or more according to some research led by Duke University.

It is a lot of work to change old habits that no longer suit you and your family. It takes work and dedication to plan more healthy meals, purchase healthier ingredients and abstain from foods you know to be unhealthy for you. It is more comfortable to put on those jammies, grab some pizza and coke, settle in front of the television and sink right on into that comfort zone. America is overweight and lacks the discipline to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There is not a lot of thinking in the comfort zone. You are there so often and are so comfortable with your routine and habit that you rarely need to think about anything. You go about your day, every day, the same as the day before comfortable with were the day is going to take you. If an opportunity comes along you always thing what if I cant and so you don’t. You are more comfortable not trying rather than failing.

The average American lives a very mediocre life. Living day to day, paycheck to paycheck, debt payment to debt payment.

Most Americans are slaves to their jobs and settle for barely enough to survive. The average American believes that Just surviving is enough. Americans believe that life is pretty comfortable if they can at least pay their bills and then afford some fast food once in a while. Most Americans are in the comfort zone.

Most Americans are depressed. Utterly sick of their lives, spouses, houses and situations.

They call it the comfort zone but it does not seem very comfortable to me.

Why not get out of the comfort zone? Life is so much more exciting when you live with passion, belief and confidence. When you step out of your comfort zone something amazing happens to you. Suddenly, you become fearless and full of excitement. You start doing things differently, behaving differently and even looking differently.

When you get out of the comfort zone you notice that you start having more success. Success in your body and mind. Success in your family relation ships, personal relation ships and business relationships. You will see your dreams coming true, financial freedom in your life and when you are out of the comfort zone you will notice that you develop a what if I can type of attitude. Once you have developed that, they sky is the limit for you.

Now “THAT” sounds comfortable to me!

Friends, I challenge you to look and recognize your life. Are you in the comfort zone? I can help you get out! It is so much more fun out here.

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