A wedding anniversary is a milestone that should be celebrated in style.this is why there is a lot of fanfare around it. Whether you have managed to stay together for five, 10, 20,50, or more years, you should never let the opportunity pass without showing appreciation for your spouse. Many couples use anniversaries to rekindle their love.

If you are shopping for an anniversary ring then, you must find the perfect piece. You can never go wrong with a diamond ring as this precious stone is symbolic of enduring love.One of the most popular diamond ring styles today is the three-stone ring setting.It is the perfect choice for your anniversary.

There is a lot to learn about three stone diamond rings. This post examines this type of ring in detail, the advantages of using it as an anniversary ring, and suggests some stunning styling ideas to help you make the best choice.

About Three Stone Ring Design

Three stone rings have been around for a long time, with many couples using them for engagements. The unique arrangement of three stones in the setting allows couples to customize their rings with other stones besides diamonds. Jewelers today market this as “Past, Present, and Future”rings because the three stones can symbolically represent the past, present, and future of a person’s life. One smaller stone on the ring stands for memories of the past while the other one represents the great future you hope to have together.The larger stone at the center represents the life you are currently enjoying with your spouse.

Other jewelry lovers borrow from religion to add meaning to their three stone rings. Still, these stones can symbolize friendship, love, and fidelity. Whatever the meaning you want your ring to symbolize, a three-stone ring will work for you. It is a simple style, yet it offers you both personality and that extra sparkle.

This ring style is popular both as an engagement ring and for anniversaries due to its elegance and uniqueness. With three sparkling stones, there is no way that this ring will go unnoticed as it is a natural statement ring. If you want to gift your spouse the perfect ring, this three-stone style should top your list of options.

Unique Styling Ideas for a Three Stone Diamond Anniversary Ring

The best thing about choosing a three-stone setting for an anniversary ring is that it allows your creativity to flow. You can give your anniversary ring a personal touch by choosing the shape, size, setting, and more.
Below are some stunning styling ideas you can use for your anniversary ring:

1. Three Stone Diamond Bezel Ring

For your anniversary ring, you can go for a bezel setting. You can choose three perfectly paired diamonds, snugly nestled together in a sleek gold setting for the ring. The bezel setting blends functionality with aesthetics by holding the gems inside a custom-made thin metal rim.

You get a stunning anniversary ring where the diamonds are secure. The bezel completely surrounds and wraps around your precious stones to secure them properly.

2. Prong Three Stone Diamond Ring

The prong setting is a classic and works well for a three-stone ring. This Elegant and timeless ring style uses several prongs that hold the gems while still allowing enough light to travel through the diamonds. Although cleaning your ring can be relatively easy, you might lose stonesif thin prongs are used to hold them in place.

3. Round Diamonds

When considering the overall look for your three stone ring, you have to consider the shape of the diamonds. After all, the diamonds are the most important component on the ring as they give it sparkle and elegance. By going for an excellent cut diamond, you can maximize the fire in every diamond, which makes for a dazzling ring. For an anniversary ring, you donot have to go for large diamonds.However, if you choose to go with a round cut, you will still have a dashing ring for your spouse.

4. Square Shape Diamond Shape

This is the most popular diamond shape and you will find it on most pieces. The princess-cut is on the largest percentage of engagement and anniversary three stone rings sold. You can also choose the square emerald-cut for your anniversary ring. These square shapes come off as modern or fashion-forward.

5. Three Stone Diamond Ring With Colored Gemstones

You can add some personality to your three stone anniversary ring by combining diamond with colored gemstones. From amethysts, sapphires, rubies, emeralds to colored diamonds, there is no limit to the variety of gemstones available to you. All these options can make your anniversary ring more splendid and you can choose a stone that has some symbolic relevance such as a birthstone.

6. Alternative Three Stone Ring Designs

You can walk away from the trodden path while customizing your diamond anniversary ring. There are many alternative three-stone designs from which to choose. These include baguettes, trillion cut accents, asymmetrical custom diamond and gemstone rings, and channel set accents to mention a few. If these unique styles work for you, donot hesitate to make a bold choice.

7. Cushion-Shaped Diamonds

Ever since Prince Harry proposed o Meghan Markle using a custom diamond ring, the cushion-cut has gained popularity. This striking shape has only been popular with celebrities all along, but is now a popular choice with jewelry lovers. The diamonds’ large facets highlight a diamond’s clarity and add sparkle to your anniversary ring.

Final Thoughts

There is so much you can do with your three stone diamond anniversary ring. There is no rulebook to follow and you should allow your creativity to flow. When customizing your ring, make sure you choose symbolic colors, gemstones, and metal. It will make the anniversary ring a more treasured gift.

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