Nothing is Right or Wrong - only thinking makes it so, to paraphrase Shakespeare. You're not right all the time, nor are you wrong all the time. But, too often our egos or our internal babbling voice within (I call it THE BABBLER), can't keep our mouths from engaging and spewing some statement, that is absolutely not true to show that our egos are a nothing but graduates from the Institute of Highest Stupidity.

If you are wondering what I am stating, imagine yourself at a dinner with family and they are talking about a great movie they all saw, and how great it was - and you say something - I heard it was junk, trash, and worthless, I am not going to see it. See what I mean? To what end is your challenge to everyone at the table? To be the NEGATIVE center of attention? So you got their attention - how does it feel for everyone to think you are a bloody idiot? Gives you good feeling to think that your entire family wonders how you are going to survive in the world with having opinions on things you don't even have knowledge of.

No one is always right. I help people, that's what I do, for about 50 years I help people. And sometimes my advise - is strong, because people put themselves in some rather weird risks unnecessarily. I remember working with cancer patients years ago, and for some reason they had to be right and all their RIGHTNESS was negative. "My son just did this or died, my husband cheated or died", and "I've never been happy and now I'm gonna die." There is so much of the effect of the words, thoughts, and feelings that impacts our immune systems and allows cancer to grab hold. Yet, ask them questions and listen to their answers - and you'll see how they FIGHT TO BE RIGHT with their negativity.

If you must be right all the time, you are most probably WRONG most of the time. And by being seen as a person who must be right all the time - you are seen as a fool by others. How does that feel? Want your Dunce Cap Yet?

I suggest you learn to ThinkRight for a better world.

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Author's Bio: 

Dr. Jay Polmar, is a published author in the US, Mexico, and China - he's written over 50 books on self-help, power of thought, Think Right, Law of Attraction, Accelerated Learning, Speed Reading, and Healing of Disease. He's now 66 years old and retired to a small Mexican Pacific beach.