When I used to go to different bars and clubs on a regular basis many, many years ago, there were often men who would talk about how they hoped to ‘get lucky’. Sometimes I knew the people who would say this and, at other times, this was something that I would overhear.

To these men, it was as though they didn’t have any control over whether or not they would attract a woman. It was something that was completely out of their hands, which was why they had to get lucky.

Another Example

What came to my mind recently that reminded me of this time in my life was when I heard about someone who didn’t have trouble pulling, but had trouble taking things further. As a result of this, it wasn’t that they needed to get lucky to pull; it was that they needed to get lucky to have a relationship.

They believed that once they found the right person everything would change. It then not about them doing anything else, it was just a case of doing the same thing, with the hope that their luck would change.

An Image

When I thought about the second example, I ended up seeing an American roulette wheel. It was as if the person above had chosen a number and was hoping that the ball would land on the number they had chosen.

There was then nothing deliberate about what they were doing, it was simply left to chance. Now, there are undoubtedly people on this earth who have ended up in good relationship, even though they were looking to ‘get lucky’ before this took place.

A Big Difference

However, although this does take place, someone like this is likely to be in a different place emotionally, to have different beliefs, and to behave differently. Ultimately, their inner world will be very different, and this means that they will also be coming from a very different place energetically.

What this comes down to is that what is going on within someone has a big effect on how they experience life. In other words, it is not possible for someone to simply observe the world.

Certain Areas

Even so, it can be normal for someone to believe that they have control over how well they do in their career, for instance, but to have a different outlook when it comes to their relationships. What can play a part in this is that someone can end up coming into contact with the same type of person over and over again, and they might even spend time with people who have the same experiences as they do.

This can then be a sign that everyone is the same and their friends can validate this viewpoint. The trouble with this is that one is not going to look at what is taking place within them; thereby overlooking the part that they are playing in what is taking place in their life.

Final Thoughts

In order for someone to experiencing something, it is going to essential for them to feel safe enough to experience it. Along with this, they will need to feel as though they deserve to experience to.

So, when it comes to having a fulfilling relationship, for instance, one is going to need to feel safe with getting close to another person and as though they deserve it. The trouble is that if someone is not aware of what is taking place within them and is, therefore, unaware of how what is taking place within them is influencing how they are experiencing life, they can end up feeling powerless and believe that something out there is holding them back.

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