There are many revealing signs that can help you understand if you really love someone. You have to find out the truth by paying attention to many details. Fortunately, you can be helped in this task if you learn how to translate the meaning of your own dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation.

You’ll be really impressed with all the information you’ll have about the person you love in your dreams. You can completely trust this information because the unconscious mind has a divine origin and it works like a natural protector.

Now that I managed to simplify Carl Jung’s complicated method of dream interpretation everyone can easily reap all the benefits provided by this knowledge. You should be one of the first ones to take advantage of this new alternative. Dream interpretation will open a new horizon for you.

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams gives you objective information about the person you love in numerous dream images. Besides sending you many dreams about the person you love, the unconscious mind also sends you very simple dreams about the special person, which you can easily understand. Dreams about love are not as symbolic as dreams about psychological problems.

The unconscious mind will show you that your perfect match is someone who belongs to a similar psychological type to the psychological type you belong to, and has similar preferences.

The most revealing sign that you have really found the right person for you (which will surely help you understand your feelings) is the familiar physical characteristics of the person you love. In other words, your real perfect match should look like you in many ways.

When you fall in love with someone that physically looks like you, and who also has a personality quite similar to your personality, this is a serious indication that you have really found your perfect match.

Therefore, if you believe that you are in love with someone who is totally different from you, you are probably only feeling attracted for a while. However, this is not a physical law. What really matters is your psychological type and the psychological type of the person you love, even when your physical characteristics are quite different.

You have to be careful. You’ll tend to believe that you really love someone only because you like him or her in many ways. You may find numerous similarities with this person, even if this is not true. There are numerous impostors who look like your perfect match.

You may get involved with the wrong person and believe that you are in love, until the moment you’ll meet your real perfect match. However, if you’ll already have a love relationship with someone else, everything will be quite difficult, especially if you have children.

The same way that you can get involved with the wrong person for believing that you are in love while this is not true, you can also lose your soul mate if you’ll be superficial and you’ll doubt that you are really in love with him or her. Various neurotic reactions can prevent you from understanding that you have really found your perfect match. They can also distort your behavior.

If the person you love is too attractive, you may believe that many others feel exactly the same you do, without understanding that you are really in love with them. Or, you may feel so discouraged when thinking about your rivals that you will avoid trying to conquer this person, while they love you too, and they are ideal for you.

You may also be too rude or too snob with the person you love, only because you don’t want to reveal how much you depend on them. You may make them believe that you don’t want to have a love relationship with them, only because you are too proud of yourself and you are afraid of rejection.

This is why you need the unconscious psychotherapy and guidance. You have to understand your feelings and control your behavior. You must know if you have really found your perfect match or if this is only a false impression.

The unconscious mind will give you many explanations and lessons. You only have to study my dynamic simplification of Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation in order to understand the unconscious language.

You’ll always have information about the person you love in your dreams. The unconscious mind will help you avoid bad relationships, prevent being cheated on, and avoid many deceptions. You’ll surely find your true soul mate, and lead a happy life forever.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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