A series of global and economic changes puts us in a new age of entrepreneurship - thank goodness. New ways of doing business are emerging and some sales/business has dried up and some has truly flourished. There is a difference. I want you to know what is working and how you can build, and build while others are scrambling to figure out what went wrong.

There are three very key ways to make a difference and make money right now. Do all three and you WILL make millions while making a difference.

1) Listen. Many business owners keep selling (or pushing) their products/services and they are not awakened to the fact that people have changed, especially in the last year, and want different things. There is a different need and desire to make lasting change and if you just sell and do not listen you are not aiming to make a difference. Ask your clients what they want most and also pay close attention to what is not said. You cannot make money selling what you think people need - listen to what they want and be ready to change, adapt, or grow.

2) Get Live! The technology gauntlet has swung. There are so many x-boxes, ipad touches, tweets, and texts that people are starving for human contact. How can you connect with people one-on-one? There is no better way to make that deep connection and find out how you can help people. Plan a time to take people to lunch, host drinks at an event you are attending, do a one day event, find a local expo - and networking, networking, networking always works when you work it. Live and in person IS THE NEW social networking trend. ;-)

3) Pick up the phone! The best (please hear me out on this one) BEST way to close sales and get clients right now is picking up the phone and speaking to people. You must make a connection and ASK for the sale. Take 100% responsibility for your offerings and for helping people. If you are looking to fill a program or get clients put on a kitchen timer for 15 minutes, brainstorm a list of 25 people, then pick up the phone, show them how you can help, and ASK for the sale. Don't hide behind your computer ~ connect and ask!

To truly make a difference and make millions use the NEW way to love clients up and be of service - go back to basics... people want YOU. Connect now.

(c) 2010 Suzanne Evans

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