Are you ready to die?

Most people aren’t? Yet if we are not willing to be with death it will hunt us down. Last week I had a gigantic dose of people sitting with death. My contractor’s 10-year-old daughter with an inoperable brain tumor on the brain stem. Next a dear friend called with breast cancer, then another dear friends sister found out she had a brain tumor all within less than 24 hours. All sitting with what we are all sitting with only they are doing it consciously. Befriending death.

It is spring we put paper, dead grass, straw, soil, manure, and all dead things to make the garden grow. It is Passover; it is Good Friday it is that we must die to grow. What needs to die within you? What fear is keeping you fat, unhappy, stressed, anxious, feeling unloved, unsuccessful?

The most courageous thing we can all do is to be willing to sit in the embrace of death until death releases us, temporarily. It will reveal its message and then we are FREE to experience the message that lies under the Fear. That is where the depth of you lives. Until we strip away the fear of fear it will dog us like the mafia. It is our inner mafia. Sneaking up behind us and shooting down plans, hopes, dreams and our capacity to love which is the most intrinsic ingredient of life.

Before you SPRING up you must lie down and die or miss this great chance to unburden you of both personal and societal fears which are abounding. Liberation literally means your fears no longer own you. You are free.

Try sitting and just do this breath into whatever comes up. If you die great if you come back great just give yourself 22 minutes to 2 ½ hours yes hours to try this. For the really brave do it till it cracks open and leaves you whole.

Sitali Breath
Breathe out that stress…

Roll the tongue and stick it past your lips. If you cannot roll it, just make an “O” shape with your mouth with the tongue protruding slightly beyond the lips. Breathe in deeply through the mouth. Exhale slowly through the nose emptying the lungs all the way.

The best anti-stress breath available. The breath passing over the wet tongue creates a cooling effect.

Become fearless, become free


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