With the development of New Coronary Pneumonia, do you still worry about your rent, tuition and living expenses? Finding a good job has become the dream of many people, but you have to take care of your life and economic depression, Young girl, what is your competitive advantage? Becoming a sugar baby may be the fastest and most effective way to help you survive the current economic crisis. But before you become a sugar baby, are you ready? This lifestyle may be the best thing that's happened to you.

1. It's an arrangement, not a date.

This is an appointment with no emotional basis. You all have your purpose. Most of the things happen without quarrels, because you have already drawn up a contract before. So you can't act arbitrarily. If you go beyond the other party's bottom line, things will get very bad.

2. You may be summoned at any time.

As long as he needs you, you need to appear. Most of sugar daddies are kind people, they are willing to take care of you, are willing to spend a lot of money to make you happy, they will also find you whenever you need your company. They pay more attention to the return on investment rather than unilateral pay. And you have no way to refuse. Even if you want to listen to them talking about things in their work, you don't understand some professional terms. They just need you to listen. Many times they just want to vent out, and don't need you to give them advice or help. To help them at work, There are also some sugar daddies willing to sponsor you to learn some professional courses.

3. They may have sexual quirks.

Many sugar daddies will have sexual contact with baby, this is not a secret, but a small number of people have sexual quirks, you may be difficult to accept, so before doing it, you should make it clear. This is not to discriminate against sugar daddies with sexual quirks, this is just a reminder, if your sugar baby cannot accept it, then you better not force her.

4. You are invisible.

Many sugar daddies are married people, They will maintain their married status, so they will not date you in public. Of course they won't divorce for you. So most of the time, you are alone. Some sugar daddies will travel with you around the world, or bring you when they are on a business trip, this time you can enjoy his arrangements.

5. Many sugar daddies are more willing to give you some gifts or luxury goods. Not cash.

Of course, if you need cash, you should make it clear at the beginning. Your rent, your tuition, etc, all need cash to maintain. One is to match your package with him, the other is that most sugar daddies are not stingy. But you can't get greedy infinitely.

An ideal arrangement should be less financial stress, interesting experiences, hot sex, all occurring naturally in a relaxed no-pressure environment. It's nice to know that kind of approach and arrangement can be appreciated by both parties. Good for you - and him! And good luck with your future.

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