AsimotPOS is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system that caters to a wide range of small and medium sized business. These businesses include Bakery POS, Catering Management, Cloud POS, Coffee POS, CRM, Distribution POS, Food & Beverages, Quick Service Restaurant, Restaurant & Bar, Restaurant POS, Retail POS, Sweet Shop, retail shops, and groceries. It offers an intuitive, robost and secure POS software at an invincible price, Free!

Apart from Square, Asimot POS is the only restaurant point of sale technology available on the market that has no upfront or running costs. The primary interest of Asimot online restaurant POS is to work more closely with owners of companies to establish a perfect cloud based restaurant POS solution which serves the needs of customers. Therefore, Asimot restaurant point of sale is the very first completely integrated online restaurant POS technology.

AsimotPOS can also be used anywhere on any device and offers such features on different devices, like desktop computers, laptops, ipads and smartphones;

•Worldwide currencies
•Multi language
•Cloud based
•Barcode scanning and printer support
•Commission Management
•Customer Account Profiles
•Discount Management
•Detailed graphic reports
•Gift Card Management
•Multiple employees
•Easy to use Interface
•Inventory Management
•Layaway Management
•Loyalty Program Support
•Pricing Management
•Customer/sales tax tracking
•Retail Management
•Returns Tracking
•Sales Tracking
•Touch Screen
•E-mail tech support

All this is a complete list of services for the best restaurant that the management needs. In addition provide, Asimot restaurant billing system helps your restaurant business to run efficiently and profitably.

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Choosing the executive programming eatery that best fits your business preconditions is fundamental. Discussed above is the overview of the executives' available programming for acquisition, arguably the best restaurant.

Businesses in restaurants and bars could still stand to gain from allowing users to spot online purchases. Asimot Cloud-based Restaurant Point of Sale is also perfect to restaurateurs to build their own online marketplace. Additionally, Asimot Online Restaurant POS platforms which can be integrated with your online marketplace can help you discover and manage your stock throughout your actual and online business. Implementations of Asimot Restaurant Point of Sale empower you to submit menus on your web page, which your consumers make purchases for takeout or deliver online.

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App and Point of Sale (POS) technologies are an important part of the restaurant business strategy and that you can work with Asimot POS. Asimot POS will assist you handle orders, accounting and customer service like many other characteristics, there's a whole lot of POS devices on the market. Use code to add a loyalty program or contract to your Cloud-based Restaurant POS. You will benefit from the integrated implementation of technology.

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So trust all the above-mentioned measures that could boost your business will often review everything through the unique options provided by ASIMOT Business Management Software. Call us at + 91 818 985 5678, + 91 875 444 8927 or just visit to learn more about how advanced Cloud-based Online Restaurant Point of Sale technology will prepare you for any existing or future challenges and /or provide you with a competitive edge.

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