Are you one of those people who have made so many commitments that you are having a hard time keeping them? You have compromised your health and sacrificed your family life because you had a strong need to help others. You are a leader in your community, but you fail your family. So how do you accomplish all the tasks that you feel committed to or are you in the danger zone in your life where you have lost control of your true purpose and chose to over-program yourself to the point of self-destruction? It is obvious that you have not been doing a good job at coaching yourself! Did you know that you can’t truly reach your highest potential when you are stressed out and sacrificing your time to place everyone else before you!

Too often we get caught up in the cycle of over enthusiasm, a desire to generate high visibility in the community or on the job and even take on tasks that cause excessive stress and anxiety because we don’t know how to say no. Sometimes we stretch ourselves to the point that we break when we over commit and over program ourselves. Whether it is ego-driven or an over active energy spurt, setting sound priorities is always something that must be considered and monitored if you want to lead a balanced life. That is why it would be valuable if you would learn how to coach yourself and monitor your behavior and responses.

So how do you create a well-balance life where you can enjoy your highly driven personality and still satisfy your other commitments? I believe that you need to take a long hard look at:

1. Your priorities and how you need to list them in order of importance—that is, what you value most. Where do you place family commitment—is it at the top or bottom of your priority list? When you are able to put in order of importance your values you are better prepared to understand the bigger picture and respond accordingly.

2. Create a mission statement for your life. That might sound strange to some of you but please know that all successful organizations have a mission statement. A sound mission statement identifies your purpose, your reason for being and is meant to help you stay on a steady course.

3. Communicate your vision to your family and colleagues in simple terms and express how you wish to accomplish your goals; then ask for their support and agreement. If you are an over-achiever in life, you want to make sure you are supported. A true leader of one’s life always communicates his/her purpose and vision of how you see it implemented.

4. We are all connected - we do not live alone on an island but rather we are all interconnected and share in a common thread, which is why it is vital in life to ask for acceptance and acknowledgment for what you are seeking. Just like the butterfly theory, which says that when a butterfly ripples its wings in one part of the world, it is felt in another part of the world—so, too, with you and me. Your actions and thoughts are impacted by society, your family individually and your community, that is why you would be better served when you choose to see the bigger picture of who you are, your purpose and function and attempt to live your life with those thoughts in mind.

We are all a work in progress, so I encourage you not to be hard on yourself but rather be gentle and allow sufficient time to reflect and refocus on the life that you want to manifest for yourself. You can do all the above easily when you are in your truth and when you are in your truth you are better prepared to coach yourself. After all, you are the master painter of your canvas so if you are hoping to create your masterpiece, you will need to spend time in preparation and planning so you can absolutely reach your highest potential. I hope you will develop a mission statement and a vision for what you want to do in life.

Author's Bio: 

Joan Marie is an accomplished Medical Intuitive, and Business Intuitive and is the founder and President of Joan Marie Companies. She is fast becoming the World’s leading authority on the teachings of Intuition and how to make your Intuition work for you in your life. She is famous for her uncanny details as a Medical Intuitive. People seek out her skill at being able to scan your body in search of clues for the disconnect as she sees the emotional link between the disease or situations happening in your over all health. Joan Marie has teamed up with Doctors from all over the world to consult with their patients to help resolve their medical problems. Many doctors refer their clients and encourage them to work with Joan Marie because they too realize that many medical problems are emotional based. She is also a medium and can communicate and deliver messages from loved ones from the other side. Joan Marie’s life mission is to not only awaken you to your true life’s purpose but to also assist you at the core of your soul with healing any emotional problems that are continually coming up in your daily life. Through her special talents and gifts Joan Marie can share with you the exact age when your problem began as she works with you to bring you specific tools to help you heal your soul and emotions.