Be open to receiving

'Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into' Wayne Dyrer

Each night before I go to sleep I write a list of all that I am grateful for. One Saturday evening I had written the following things:
• Having a warm house to come home to when it's cold outside.
• Being able to have a hot and refreshing shower in the morning.
• Having a cup of tea with my Mum and Dad at breakfast.
• Having an i-pod that plays motivational music when I'm running.
• Being able to access the internet on my i-phone.
• Having a range of beautiful make up to choose from.
• The smell of scented shampoo and conditioner.
• Being driven to work in a heated car while the hail scratches the window.
• Relaxing in front of the television in a cosy blanket.
• All of the people that purchase from me in work.

While setting up my own business I decided to take up part time work with Origins- Estee-Lauders organic skin care company, to guarantee some money each month. As an origins guide I invite customers to sit down and discuss with me any skin care concerns. I then offer individualised skin care regimes and a range of products and testers. This process helps me reach my individual sales target.

This particular Sunday I was working by myself and my target was £300, by 3.00pm I had taken a total of £175. I was feeling pessimistic about my chances of reaching my goal. Knowing the laws of attraction I knew I would have to change the way I was thinking and feeling on the inside before anything could change on the outside. I would need to affirm my appreciation for what I had already received. I chose to repeat the following affirmations 'I am grateful for all of the customers who have purchased today', 'I exceed my target easily'.

I watched as an older woman began browsing the skin care counters and taking large handfuls of expensive testers from Chanel. Other employees began to feel understandably frustrated by her lack of interest in buying anything. I too thought that this woman probably had no intention of spending her money. However not wanting to act on my judgement and noticing how excited she looked while she was experimenting with the creams, I invited her over to my counter. I asked her if she would like a skin consultation and some of our free testers. With a smile on her face she sat down and proceeded to tell me about how dry her skin was. I selected a range of hydrating creams for her and continued to put them into our tester pots. To my surprise she wanted to buy one of the creams, and another, and another.... She then asked me to make a gift box up for her daughter and she purchased every product we had in store for men, for her son.

The other employees looked on in amazement at the amount of money this woman continued to spend. When she finished the amount came up to £350, which was well over my target for the whole day!!

Choosing to ignore my judgements that day and finding the better feeling thoughts helped me to not only exceed my target but enhance the happiness of someone else.

Author's Bio: 

Lucy Pemberton-Platt is a Personal Wellness and Weight Loss Coach, Licensed Trainer of 'Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway and a Writer.