Not all hookup apps are suitable for you, this may be a hard fact to believe but it is the simple truth . There are some things that should tell you that it is time to delete that app and find one much better.

#1: You always meet the wrong types of guys or ladies
The number one reason you should know if you are on the right app is when the quality of people you meet are above average. Good app developers often screen the people that sign up on such apps and they remove those that seem to possess dubious personalities on intentions. If you have never put up quality time to look for real apps, you may never find the one that will serve your purpose well.

#2: There are more than 3 people using the same picture
It can be easy to spot a scam hookup app, and one of such ways to do this is to look out for different profiles with the same or similar pictures. Scammers are of the habit of opening too many profiles but they end up using similar or the same pictures for all their profiles- when you spot this, it should tell you that you are using the wrong app.

#3: when you potential hookup reply very fast
Once you send a message to a potential hookup, the time they spend to respond should send a signal, it should indicate whether you are dealing with real or fake individuals. There are some apps that make use of auto-responders that respond in micro-seconds to messages, hence this may signify that you are using a wrong app to search for sexual partners.

#4: You get predictable and generic responses
One other feature that may suggest that you are on fake free hookup apps is when you get responses that seem obvious and more predictable. The type of responses you get here will seem to be more generalized and may seem as if the other person is not paying attention to what you are writing. If you want to spot these fake apps, you should become creative and change the way you salute or great someone for the first time, and if you get a predictable response, then you are on the wrong app.

#5: The app’s is frequently offline or down
Though, periodic maintenance are necessary for all website, however, local hookup apps that has downtime errors on almost daily basis are definitely not worth staying with. Occasional downtimes are acceptable but consistent offline status for a social app, is definitely unacceptable and the reason being that you may lose contact with potential hookups whom you have been chatting with for a while.

#6: You receive spam messages and ads
There are some apps that come with too many ads displayed on their pages, making the use of the site very frustrating or annoying to many users. These apps may seem to get sponsors from several companies, but that does not mean they should fill up their pages with ads. Similarly, when you receive spam messages to your profile or promotions that require you making payments via credit card, then you should know that you are using the wrong social apps for hookups. The best hookup apps should be scam-free and must be capable of verifying the profiles of its users. Another craigslist personal dating replacement.

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