“Are You ‘Normal’ and Hate Learning?”
• 1. Me: “Normal is the opposite of Abnormal, right? Dictionary.com defines ‘normal’ as Average-Ordinary-Common. Add: mediocre & second-rate.

• Normal makes you Defensive toward Change, Improvement, and expanding your Comfort-Zone.
Are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet & Donald Trump Normal?”

• It’s not just Semantics - ‘Normal’ is for losers. Extraordinary ideas and actions bring home the bacon.”

• 2. You: “My life experience tells me that “abnormal” is dangerous, and scary. I don’t Hate learning, it just takes too long and more effort than it’s worth.”

• 3. Me: “I turned down offers to buy into Apple, Google & Amazon at a few bucks each. I was NORMAL. I did catch Gold at $35 and made a couple of bucks. That’s ABNORMAL. Which do you Choose?”

• 4. You: “I wish I bought any one of them. But RISK is scary, yes or no?”

• 5. Me: “And so is “Change”. Improvement is Change, and improvement come from Learning, so learning is scary too. Yet we know, “You SNOOZE, you lose.”

• 6. You: “I believe in learning, your motto, “The faster you learn, the more you EARN,” makes sense. But…”

• 7. Me: “Here’s why Normal is ‘Scary’. See: Psychological Science journal, 9.05.11, University of Pa. Jack Goncalo.
Creativity introduces new ideas, strategies & behaviors.

• 97% of people vote in favor of “Creativity”. But this loved
CREATIVITY produces mental Uncertainty. So Normal people REJECT creativity when they see it in action.”

• 8. You: “Are you saying normal-people cannot be creativity and make money?”

• 9. Me: “You got it in spades. When Normal folks personally get or see something original, new, & creative…they run like their fundament is on-fire.”

• 10. You: “Any proof for that belief?”

• 11. Me: “What and when was the last Major improvement or change at all in-your-daily-existence?
Human fear Newness because DIFFERENT is risky.”

• 12. You: “Not proof, in my opinion.”

• 13. Me: “Try this. We’re born ‘hardwired’ for 75% of what we do in life. Digestion, immunity, breathing & heart pumping, right? We have no UNCERTAINTY, it’s on auto-pilot. No decisions to make, it just works. DNA & RNA.”

• 14. You: “So we are born disliking the UNKNOWN. And only Freaks – the Abnormal people desire Creativity.”

• 15. Me: “Second reason: we are brainwashed (programmed) by family-media-culture & government what are Normal, acceptable goals, ideas & beliefs.

• Do you want people to think you’re a Terrorist or Revolutionary? You get isolated by your own society. Education through graduate school, teaches us what is Normal. And Creativity is Not acceptable for 97% of us.”

• 16. You: “No. I admit newness sounds good, but let others be the guinea pig for novelty. My comfort zone finds Uncertainty too risky.”

• 17. Me: “Right. And that’s why we have Resistance to change located in a neural-network in our brain. Get this please:

• We take PRIDE in the way we do things, even when they are harder & bad for us. “You-Can’t-Tell-Me-What-To-Do!” Professor Goncalo says: we associate negative works like Vomit-Poison-Agony with “Creative-Ideas”.

• 18. You: “OK, now that I’m aware of my resistance to change, so what?”

• 19. Me: “Accept that you hate Uncertainty, and need a new strategy to improve your life. More later, OK?”

• See ya

• Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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