“Are You a Spiritual Leader?”

The path of a spiritual leader is not easy. A spiritual path has many obstacles that try to keep us from attaining enlightenment. If walking a spiritual path was easy everyone would be doing it. But obstacles are only speed bumps along the way towards self-realization. Perhaps some of your experiences are similar to some of the great spiritual masters of the East.

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Paramhansa Yogananda - Even as a small child this great yogi knew without a doubt that a spiritual life would be his calling. And when he met his teacher Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri who was standing outside in the street in front of his small ashram his teacher said, “I have been waiting for you.” And Paramahansa knew without a doubt that this was his true calling. And he did not hesitate, his teacher was not easy, it was a very hard learning process of getting rid of his ego. But he did not give up and eventually understood why he had connected with his teacher.

Ramana Maharshi - As a young boy Ramana Maharshi made his way on a train and traveled to a spiritual pilgrimage site in India. There he sat in meditation for many months with mosquitoes and flies biting him but he did not move. He was in a state of deep profound meditation and he transcended pain and suffering. And from that experience, a following of people started gathering around him… and later an ashram was built on that site.

Divine Mother Amma - Divine mother even as a very small child would pray, meditate, and sing to Krishna. Her parents desperately tried to make her stop. They wanted her to stop because they didn’t want a spiritual person in their family. So they beat Divine Mother, called her names, and did everything possible to make her stop doing her spiritual practice. But none of this stopped Divine Mother… she kept singing, meditating, and praying without end… even in the worst of conditions.

Are you on a spiritual path?

Are you having spiritual growing pains?

That’s very normal… it’s all part of the process of becoming self-realized.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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