This is the perfect time of year to think about goals – goals you’ve accomplished so far in 2015, goals you still want to meet before the year ends, and goals you start setting for 2016.

There are the 3 determinations to figure out what your goals are and whether or not you are meeting them.

Determine your priorities.

If we’re being honest, you probably have 20 ideas for your business swimming around in your head right now, don’t you? Come on, it’s ok. I do too!

But trying to deliver on all of those ideas will set you up for failure. And even worse, major stress from having too much on your plate.

So make a list of all of the ideas you’ve had or been thinking about, but only highlight 3 to 5 that are your top priorities. Keep the others for later on. But focus on just your top priorities in your goal-setting.

Determine the Timeframes.

For each of your priorities, plan out the projects and tasks you’ll need to accomplish each one. Factor in skills you (or someone else on your team) needs in order to accomplish the goals.

This doesn’t have to be exact – it’s just giving you a reference for how long it will take to accomplish each priority. That’s your start and end date for the goal you are in the process of creating.

Determine your plan.

So by now you can write down:

*Your priorities – the top 3-5 you are going to focus on
*The start and end dates for accomplishing your top priorities
*What you need (time, money, staff) in order to make them happen
*The goals – the aim or desired result of each of your top priorities

Now add to that:

*Your fears or concerns about accomplishing your goals – harnessing that freaked-out feeling in the pit of your stomach can actually help you achieve your goals.
*The benefits of accomplishing your goal (to you and others) and the problems they will solve.
*The milestones – how you will know you’ve accomplished part or all of your goal.

Now – without much effort or time – you have a solid plan to meet your goals. Congrats! Get ready for a super productive 2016!

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