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You might not realize this, but you could be manifesting poverty - instead of manifesting wealth - because you just haven't got your focus just right.

I was working with Julia today on the phone, and she was telling me about her Feel It Real sessions. She explained exactly what she was doing, what she wanted to manifest. And it was obvious to me, why what she was doing was backfiring. Let's see if you are making this same mistake.

Julia told me, "I am imagining that I just found $500 to pay the bills. I am so excited, and when I told my husband he jumped up and down with joy for us."

Julia has been doing sessions like this for 9 months, and has several times out of the blue received or found the money to pay the bills on time. But more often than not, it hasn't worked out well for her. Here's why.

Julia has been doing the Neville Goddard, Feel It Real method pretty well. She is imagining a scene that follows her wish having been fulfilled, she is participating in it and she has someone she loves in the scene. She is imagining that her and her husband are jumping up and down because they have the money to pay the bills this month.

The problem is her overall focus. Julia is focused on celebrating being able to pay the bills - again. She has to keep doing this every month "or else". And since it doesn't always work for her she gets discouraged.

But the real problem is this: Julia is imagining FIRST, that being able to pay the bills REQUIRES a miracle for her and her husband. She is imagining that they are poor, so they can have the monthly miracle show up.

Where are you doing this in your life?

Karen kept imagining the man she adores texting her. More often than not, he didn't, and that made her crazy. When she shifted her focus to having a relationship, "something happened" and the texts didn't matter any more. She also noticed she was less needy feeling and for some reason, Mr Right started coming over to visit her much more often.

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