Have you found yourself questioning why you allow life to go on as is, even though you know you want things different and you aren’t as happy as you want to be? You will be truly happy when you are able to express your natural self. So why is it so hard to do this?

For the most part, we are our own worst saboteur. But why do we sabotaging our own success? The answer may surprise you. It’s really as simply as fearing change and so we leave things, as they are because we know what that is. We can find ourselves stuck in one place because of anxiety, stress, or low self-esteem. You may not completely understand what you are up against, and you may understand even less that you are your own worst enemy.

If you are not living the successful life you want then you must be living something else and it’s time to make some changes. Let’s look at what’s keeping you where you are.

Blocking Change – Whatever exists is already in motion. Nothing is stagnant, everything is fluid, constantly changing. That’s how you should be too. But it’s human nature to protect ourselves and to avoid displeasure. The part of our mind responsible for this is the “ego.” When you try to make a change, your ego feels unsure and uncomfortable, because of the unknown. The ego hates feeling uncomfortable and so we make no change.

You need to take control of your ego and override how it feels. You’re going to have to expect there will be emotional and mental resistance and you’re going to need to push through it. Learning strategies for success and participating in self motivation strategies can help.

You Fear Success - You need to recognize that you are already a success, even if you don’t feel successful. You are alive, and you are making it through the day. That’s success, but maybe it’s not the success you envisioned. It’s time to engage yourself in some positive thinking strategies.

The key is to think differently, embrace new thinking so that you get the outcome you desire. Every thought and every action has an outcome. The question is how will you change your thoughts and your actions to get the desired outcome you want and improve your success to the way you want it to be. Happiness strategies can help you become more successful.

Repetition of Habits – Regardless if it’s good or bad, everything we do and think is based on a habit. If you don’t break the habit, then nothing will change. You’ll continue reacting and acting in the manner you have always done, and that means you will not reach your goal of success.

What you have to determine is what you need to change. You must examine your thoughts and habits and determine which you should keep and which need to be tossed. This is how we break old habits and create new ones that will bring us to the success we desire. Learn to make conscious choices rather than being on autopilot and following your existing habits. Positive thinking strategies are useful in breaking habits, as are self motivation strategies.

There you have it – this is a good start on living the successful life you want. You don’t have to settle for something else. You don’t have to settle for anything less than success. It’s all in your hands.

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I Live in Intellectual Excellence! I surround myself with an environment of brilliance, wit and balance to live my life to the best I can be. How to learn this through a success strategies anything is possible ecourse.