So many people spend their lives wanting to “Live their Dream," and yet they do nothing to move toward that. Our lives are what we make of them. Sure we have some things that have gotten in the way, some things that have turned us down the wrong path, but these “Things” are just that, things. There really is nothing that makes us do what we do, that makes us think what we think, these are choices that we make in order to stay where we are comfortable, even if that comfortable place is not what you want. The truth is, it is what you want, or you would not be there! I know, you’re thinking, yeah right, I want this bad relationship, or this awful job, or horrible life, well... is someone making you stay in the bad relationship? Is someone making you work at that awful job? Is someone making you have that horrible life...YES someone is, and it’s You!
You are the only one that controls your life. You are the one that decides to stay in that bad relationship, keep that awful job, and to have a horrible life. These are all choices that you have made. You are also the only one that can change, that can make different choices, that can have what you really want. It is just as easy to make a good choice as it is to make a bad one. So why do people keep making bad choices? Habit! They are “Used to it," it’s what they have been doing all their life. But as we all know, we can change these habits, we can break the chains of bad decisions.
The choice to have a better life is an easy one. The decision to be happy, to live your dream, or to do the things you always wanted to do is very empowering! And it is a decision, a choice that you have to make, one way or another you are going to make that choice. So why not make the choice to be happy, to live your dreams and do the things you want to do. Make it a NEW habit to choose wisely, to be happier and to have the things you have always wanted. It is just a matter of Choice!
Sounds easy enough, right! It is as easy as you think it is, and it is as hard as you think it is. This is another choice, choose to make it easy and it will be. There are some things you need to do to live your dream, to have a happier life and to get the things you want. This is probably one of the most important things that you can do to achieve what you want. They are simple things, like writing down what you want, set goals for when you want them. Post this where you can read it every day, or even better, carry it with you so you can read it several times a day. It is also important that you BELIEVE what you have written. You must see yourself achieving these goals, believe that you can and you will!
This is just one step toward having a better life, but it is amazing how well it works! It works every time for everyone, no exceptions. Think about what you want, and you will have what you think about.

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