Online presence of business can only be augment with the help of SEO. Actually, SEO is employed to boost your websites to the top results in the searches. You all know that people often go for those pages that occur in the top most levels during there search. This is the basic definition that one could give for SEO. However, SEO is not so simple and easy as this definition implies.
Going deep into the SEO, it seems to be a bit difficult. SEO can be mainly categorized into two, namely on page optimization and off page optimization. Unless you get a good training, it is very difficult to learn this package. SEO package includes keyword analysis, Google analytics, site analysis, Site map, Directory submission, article submission, blog directory, link building, Content Research, Content Guidelines, Content Re-writing,google and Yahoo anatomy, etc. this vast skills can only be obtained after getting superior training.
If this SEO skills seems to be a bit new to you, I‘ll aid you to get the basic info concerning this area.
1. Keyword research
Keywords are in fact the king of SEO campaign. The first and most relevant thing in optimization is Keyword research. Just place those keywords that are acceptably apposite for your niche. This means a lot in search engine optimization. After selecting the apt keyword, you could try placing them in your website at places like title, URLs, headline tags and even the names for the images. However, never use keywords in excess; this might make you a spammer.
2. Back links
After keywords, links are the most important aspect that could bring traffic to your website. While providing the link to your site, you should be very careful about the anchor text. It should be apposite and should relate to the keyword. You shouldn’t actually overdo anything in SEO. This will only backlist your site as spam.
3. Sitemap creation
Sitemap is actually a tool that aids in making your content accessible to both the human and non human visitors. There should be two sitemaps, one in HTML and the other in XML for the human and robot visitors.
4. Use relevant URLs
URLs play a major role in increasing the ranking of your website. For making it simple I would explain this more precisely. If you are making a page names SEO training, and then try to save the page as SEO-training. Extension. This will augment the chances of the particular page to rank top in the search results.
5. Give prior importance to the content
Guys! Content is in fact the soul of SEO. Without fresh and unique content, no website could rank to the top moist positions. Try to update the content to grab the attention of both the human visitors and the search engine spiders. Writing blog is yet another technique that helps in making your site updated. You could update the blog with at least a single content each day.

6. Monitor your progress
You can monitor the price of your effort using the Google analytics. You could install this software and understand the progress. This will also serve as a means for motivation also.
SEO training is a must to optimize your website to the top most position. Try to choose the best SEO training institutes to get relevant information regarding these packages.
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