Do you think your child would be happier and/more successful if he/she was more

Many of us, as parents, complain about irresponsible or forgetful children. It all starts when, rather than hearing them scream for their favourite toy or a doll, parents would be happy just to find it for them. Does that make us a good parent for remembering where the toy or the doll is or does that make the child less confident?
“Dad where is my reading bag?” “Mum have you seen my jumper?”

Sounds familiar? Does it happen in your house in the morning when you are stressed
to get the children to the school on time and then get yourself to work on time too?

Have you ever thought why it is so stressful?

It reminds me of a great quote “it is better to teach someone how to catch a fish than to give the person a fish”.

If they forget where their reading bag or jumper is:

• Choosing to STOP remembering it for them will help raise an independent child! Try asking them when they read their books last or where did they leave it after reading the books; they should be able to find the bag by thinking thoroughly.

• If they can’t find their favourite pair of jeans, tell them if their rooms were tidy enough, it would have been much easier to find things.

Try the following:

• Get your child to have his/her clothes, reading bag, etc. ready the night before the school day.

• By doing the above, you are encouraging self-reliance in them.

If started from an early age, confidence building will help children become more fulfilled adult.

Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know that so it goes on flying anyway. ~Mary Kay Ash

The above quote explains why we must not tell our children to explore things that are within their reach. Let them make mistakes and learn from them too...

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