So much about our modern lifestyle detracts from health and youthful vitality. Experts say we’re swimming in a “toxic soup” of polluted air and water, and a nutrient-depleted, antibiotic- and hormone-tainted food supply. This toxic overload creates chronic inflammation and widespread free radical damage.

Add this to a high-sugar diet, age-related hormonal changes, and the negative thought patterns that accompany everyday stress, and it’s no wonder we feel sluggish – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Key triggers of pain and fatigue include antioxidant depletion and decreased energy (ATP) production inside the cells. While proper nutrition, water and exercise are essential, our bodies also require a continuous flow of bioelectrical energy for optimal performance – our beating heart creates an electromagnetic field, and our brain and nerves use bioelectrical signals to contract muscles. Like acupuncture, Lifewave nanotechnology stimulates bioelectrical energy flow and removes pain-causing blockages, but it also instructs the body to:

• Improve energy production, naturally;
• Reduce pain and inflammation, and facilitate self-healing;
• Rebalance appetite and blood sugar; and
• Boost natural production of key antioxidants and anti-glycators to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system

How do Lifewave patches work if nothing enters the body? In a word: LIGHT. All natural ingredients sealed inside the paper-thin patches are activated by your body heat to form nano-sized crystals that emit frequencies of light designed to target improvements in specific physiological functions.

Our bodies respond to light. Sunlight stimulates Vitamin D production, and other frequencies of light can be used to correct vision, stop hair growth, or even lift seasonal depression.

For example, in clinical studies of the master antioxidant (Glutathione) booster patch, participants typically experience a remarkable 300% increase in blood levels of glutathione. In a recent study of outwardly healthy individuals who wore this patch daily below the navel for 30 days, every participant experienced detoxification and significant improvement in eight digestive and endocrine system organs and glands.

Underway is a 90-day study of 200 participants wearing the entire Y-Age series of patches: Glutathione and Carnosine boosters plus the recently launched AEON (phenylacetylglutamine booster) patch. A sneak peek at the 60 day mark in one woman showed a complete disappearance of deep crow's feet. With outer results so dramatic, we can only imagine what's happening on the inside! Stay tuned for more at

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As a personal performance coach, trained molecular biologist, and practitioner of bioenergetics, I offer my clients a number of self-healing tools to accelerate their progress. Before I started wearing these little patches, I woke up achy and felt run down by 3pm. Within a week, I noticed that I had way more energy - mental and physical - and my joint stiffness had disappeared. I've had such great response with myself and my friends and family, that I was inspired to create, an informational website that will take your patching to a whole new level with advanced patch placements, FAQs and more.