Many people don’t want to get old for the fear of losing their vitality, ability to work fast, run like a middle age man and so on. And they don’t like to die either. They want to live longer and longer till a very ripe age. What’s more, they would cry their heart out when they become debilitated and have to depend on others for every activity including eating a meal.

Well, cheer up such people. There is good news for you. Your wish to live longer and healthier will come true very very shortly going by the report released by the Harvard University, USA.

As we age, why do we feel weak and withered outwardly? It is because our internal organs wear- out and do not function to their full ability. As a result your skin would show wrinkles, your muscles will become flabby and so on. But, suppose we maintain these organs to their full potential and keep on pumping them from time to time so that they get energized with renewed life, then we would maintain our full health, won’t we? That’s exactly what the above University has experimented and achieved.

They produced a medicine with such a capability and administered it to a rodent equivalent to a human of 80 years. Within two months they saw a new robust rodent. The fellow became so virile that he produced two large Litters and was running about like a young rat. What happened to Mr. Rodent? His body developed so many new cells that they had rejuvenated all his internal organs which received a new lease of life. He was no more a good old rat but a vibrant young rat.

Why can’t such transformation take place in human beings?

Professor Ronald DePinto, the brain behind the project, has claimed that it would be possible to reverse the ageing process in human beings. The new drug developed by him might even allow men and women to have babies naturally at a ripe old age, ripe old age as per their records but not in reality.

Henceforth Lives could be longer and healthier and free from illnesses like Alzheimer’s and heart diseases etc, with skin and hair retaining their youthful lustre.

Dr. DePinto said that in human terms, it would be like having an 80 year old man turned into a 50 year old. That’s the kind of miracle his drug will produce. Will this mean that people will live for hundreds of years through this treatment? I shouldn’t think so. God has laid down a particular date for our departure from the Earth. There could be no change in that, I feel. However, you wouldn’t have to die in the shape of a skeleton but as a normal healthy person till you breathe your last.

By the year 2015, the world will have about 1.5 billion people above the age of 60. The Doctor opines that these many could be converted to the age of 30. Well, 2015 is not far off. Let’s see how Dr. Ronald DePinto’s dream comes true.

Wait for this wonder drug to come into the market.

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