There's nothing like a money goal to throw you into a tailspin. As you move through your year, you measure the amount of money coming into your account by which month it is. Then you ask yourself if it's possible to generate the amount you want by year-end.

Unless your income keeps moving up at a fast and steady pace, anxiety is sure to creep in. Negative "what ifs" take over and soon you notice that expenses keep climbing and the income may even decline.

How the heck are you supposed to stay focused on your income goal when it doesn't look like it's going to happen the way you want?

First, here's what you don't want to do:

DON'T let your debt be the decision maker in your life. If you feel that debt is a bad thing, and your peace of mind is compromised when you have it, then it's harder to pay it down. You're focused on what you don't want versus what you do want. You become tight with money and feel very lackful. This perception is disempowering and generates thoughts and actions that work against attracting more profits.
If you allow the debt to stand in the way of investing in something that could help your business grow, now you've shot yourself in the foot. Most everything that ever grew my business, stretched my financial box. Every mastermind, coach, or contractor I hired caused me to gulp when it was time to talk pricing for their services.
DON'T base the probability of your financial success in a year by the calendar. If you're income goal for the year is $100,000, it is highly unlikely that you going to make $8333.33 each month ($8333.33 x 12 months= $100,000). Last year I made more money in the last quarter than I did the previous nine months. It was not planned that way. I finally released some limiting thoughts about how my profits were going to come in and three days later the floodgates of prosperity opened in a way I had not expected.
DON'T keep reminding yourself about your looming expenses. It's a great financial exercise to review your home and business expenses to see if they're all still necessary or to see if there is a better deal to be had. However, if you're more consumed by the stress of your expenses than you are excited about profits coming in, then you're not going to manifest relief anytime soon.

Remember, the Law of Attraction gives you what you have the highest emotional charge on. So, if you're emotionally triggered by high expenses, not enough profits, mounting debt, not enough clients, not knowing your next step, or investing in your business, you will attract more stressful thoughts and experiences around finances.

And when you believe that your financial situation is out of your control, you become out of control. You repel new business, clarity, opportunities and solutions.

You can't access your creativity, brilliance and answers to your most pressing questions when you let negative money thoughts dominate your head space.

It's an illusion that you cannot control every facet of your personal experience. You have choices each moment about how you want to react to your reality. You can still be as cool as a cucumber when in financial chaos or doom.

If you want to attract more profit, then you need to feel confident about your power to create, even when the bank account is going down, down, down. Every situation can be temporary if you allow it to be.

I've been at zero in my checking, no available savings to tap into and maxed out my credit cards. I felt like a loser when my thoughts were consumed with my financial issues. And nothing got better -- it got worse.

My financial life changed permanently when I took back control by focusing on areas of my life in which I felt confident. I decided that I was going to get out of this hole, even if it took me a year. I stopped worrying and began appreciating every little penny that came my way. I also dropped my resistance to the expenses mounting. I just said, "Here I am in this situation and it's okay."

And guess what? Nine months later I was debt free and tripled my income that year. It felt like a quantum leap when I look back at that time. It proved to me that it wasn't a good idea or some miracle that changes your level of prosperity but your mindset.

Give more positive attention to what is coming in and hardly any to what is going out and soon you'll notice more and more money coming in. And that is a fun process!

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