At the end of last month, I wrote an article title ‘Are You Energetically Feeding Into What You Don’t Want?’ Since that time I have been thinking more about this topic and, as a result of this, I decided that I had more to share.

This article could be seen as a follow-up or it could be seen as a separate article, the reason being that I will cover some of the same points. So, perhaps when the term ‘energy’ is mentioned, you have an idea of what I’m speaking about.

Keeping it Simple

It has been said that everything that we see is simply energy that is vibrating at a certain frequency, which this means that nothing is actually solid. With that aside, there is the energy inside you that allows you to do things and there is the energy that you direct through the use of your focus.

When you focus on something and use your thoughts and feelings, you will be using your energy. Ergo, you won’t have moved your body, but you will still be using your precious energy.

No Different

The energy that you direct towards what you are focusing on will have an impact on what you are focusing on. How much impact it will have can depend on what it is and how much energy you direct towards it.

Nonetheless, if you were to identify with your mind and to thereby, see yourself as just an observer of your life, you would believe that it wouldn’t matter what you focused on. Ultimately, what is taking place inside you would be seen as having absolutely no impact on what is going on ‘out there’.

An Illusion

This outlook comes from your ego-minds view that everyone and everything is separate. There is then up and down, left and right, inner and outer and so on and so forth.

Beyond how your ego-mind perceives things is how things actually are. This is why it is not just what you do what impacts your life; it is also what is taking place inside you – what you are resonating.

A Few Examples

Perhaps there has been a time in your life when you have found someone extremely attractive. And, after endlessly thinking about them in your mind, you found it hard to keep it together when you came into contact with them again.

Conversely, you may have had at least one occasion where you worried about if something would work out or not. After staying in this state for a little while, what you feared would happen did end up taking place.

What You Focus on Grows

What this illustrates is that what you focus on can affect how you see something and thus how you will end up behaving. Additionally, it can impact what you end up bringing into your life and the experiences that you have.

The key thing to keep in mind is that you are not simply a passive observer of reality: you are a co-creator of your reality. This is something that you can keep in mind if ever you feel powerless and as though you have no control.

How Can I Serve You?

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