Want a Fast-System to Add 34% to Your Memory & IQ?”
• 1. Me: “I bet you’re a skeptic and contrarian like me. Do you ask for proof and evidence before you believe?”

• 2. You: “Sure, my mama said not to ‘believe’ strangers. My Pop said, “Hold on to your wallet & checkbook or they’ll be ‘gone-with-the-wind.”

• 3. Me: These two baby-easy, valuable strategies to add 34% to your memory are based on the following recent scientific research:

• University of Oslo, Prof. K. Gundersen, Journal of Physiology, 10.28.13. Motor-Learning based on Muscle-Memory, has permanent performance-enhancing effects on the brain.

• Summary: you have a cellular muscle mechanism in your muscles.”

• 4. You: “So what, is it relevant to solving problems in my life?”

• 5. Me: “Exactly. You are going to discover how this muscle-memory – a) raises you long-term memory 34% and improves your learning skills (IQ) up to 35%. Is that good?”

• 6. You: “How hard is it to take from a strategy to use it? Does it take an hour to make it work?”

• 7. Me: “How about under five (5) minutes to begin effectively employing these 2 smart strategies. Ready to go?”

• 8. You: “Will it work for my son at college, as well as for me in my career?”

• 9. Me: “We train kids from age 10 to students attending law-medical-business school in this. So far about 5,000

• The first is called Air-Writing and the second is labeled, Palm-Reinforcement. Take it seriously because it is a legitimate educational tool you can use for competitive-advantage. Kids ACE exams & their grades. Executives win promotions.”

• 10. You: “Weird names. How does it work, and I’d like to understand why it works, OK?”

• 11. Me: “First step before learning how to do it, you must relax, stop guessing if it works, and being judgmental. Most of us cannot learn because we start off with a natural Resistance to anything that’s new-and-different.”

• 12. You: “And how do I do that?”

• 13. Me: “Please follow the simple rules and you will own these powerful skills for a lifetime, right?

• Sit down, close your eyes for 90-seconds, and take a total of four (4) deep, diaphragmatic breaths. First breath, feel your chest rise when you inhale. Now exhale and chant the four-sounds, “Hum-m, Hum-m, Hum-m, & Hum-m.”

• Do it another three-times exactly the same way. Why? It oxygenates your brain for new learning & improved memory, and is a Stress-Buster. Relax. Takes about 2-minutes.”

• 14. You: “That’s easy and fast enough to do. I’m into it now.”

• 15. Me: Step 2. Now place a SMILE on your face. That means showing your teeth and squinting your eyes.

• Just for your knowledge, don’t bother remember it, there are three (3) powerful facial muscles that create a genuine Smile.

• a) Risorius muscle (activated for laughing).
b) Orbicularis Oculi muscle (sides of eyes)
c) Zygomaticus Major muscle (raised lips).

• 16. You: “Why the Smile?”

• 17. Me: “It activates your Peripheral-Vision for better learning and memory. It helps you stay relaxed and even excites you Muscle-Memory for motor-learning.”

• Step 3. Open your eyes and use your dominant hand’s index finger to write words in the Air in front of you.
Don’t analyze it, just do it and see the results.”

• 18. You: “You’re right, I feel resistant and stupid. But I’ll try it. What do you want me to AIR Write?”
• 19. Me: “Write large like there is an invisible blackboard in front of you. Fill the space about 3-4 feet wide with what you want to learn &remember. Just a few words will do it.”

• 20. You: “What am I writing?”

• 21. Me: “Make-believe your index-finger is a marking-Pen. Trace these words, while speaking them out loud.
“1. R-i-s-o-r-i-u-s muscle. 2. Z-y-g-o-m-a-t-i-c-u-s. Later you can come back and Air-Write, “orbicularis-oculi.”

• 22. You: “I am doing it and saying it out loud. What’s happening?”

23. Me: “You are using the your 3 most powerful senses,
V-A-K. That’s Visual (see the words), Auditory (hearing them out loud, and Kinesthetic (sense of touch – AIR-Writing, get it?
24. You: “And Air-Writing & saying it out loud, really adds 34% to my memory & IQ?”

25. Me: “The scientific evidence is clear-and-convincing. Will you practice it for 5-minutes a day for seven-days to make it into a habit?”
26. You: “It kinda makes sense. Even my son can use it for test-taking and later at work, huh? It is really easy and fast to learn and use.”
27. Me: “The second strategy is even easier. Start with the diaphragmatic breathing exercise, and the SMILE. Now use your same index-finger to WRITE in the PALM of your opposite hand.”
28. You: “My father used to do that PALM thing when he wanted to remember something. I asked him why did get a pen & paper. He said this was better and helped him remember verbatim what he put in his palm.”
29. Me: “That’s it. We suggest you do a Mind Experiment with the AIR-GUITAR (Air-Writing) and Palm-Writing. The proof is in. It improves memory & IQ permanently.”
30. You: “Wow, I like it for work and my son at school?”
See ya, Remember, “the faster you learn, the more you EARN. And, You SNOOZE, you lose.”
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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