Gadday Mark Holland here, I was having lunch with some friends the other day and it occurred to me how focused we can get on what's not working in our lives and loose sight of the dreams we once dreamed. One of my friends is turning 40 and he treats it like the plague, he's really not looking forward to it. So I asked him why he felt that way and he started to talk about all the things he wished he could have accomplished at this stage in life and if there was enough time to still fulfil some of his dreams. Well the answer to that is a BIG YES! Most of us let ourselves off the hock, or fill our mind with excuses when it comes to putting a launch date and D-Day on our big dreams, we simply keep putting them off and letting life get in the way.

So lets look at our dreams again and where we are in relation to nailing them down to D-DAY!

It’s amazing how much POWER we give our negative thoughts.

Negative thinking can single-handedly make or break you– whether it be personally, in your business, in your health and lifetime goals. If you find self doubt creeping in or notice your habitual negative thinking, you need to be clear the outcome you are creating will be a negative one.

I want to let you in on a secret.....small business owners and non-small business owners alike have all the same fears, frustrations, insecurities and self talk. We all experience the same stuff as everyone else.

One of my clients who went to a local networking event recently was telling me how self conscious he felt when he first walked into the front door of the event. I told him that almost everyone in the room at some time in their life had all felt the very same way. You wouldn’t know it just by looking at everyone, but it’s true. The only difference is creating the awesome ability to filter out the bad, focus on the great, and just drive forward. (The power of using NLP Mind Coaching tools and strategies for small business)

We can all take something from this great quote: “Laugh often, Dream Big and reach for the stars”

We sometimes need to remind ourselves to dream big and have goals bigger than we are, even if we have a few diversions or detours along the way we are still stars in the sky with something bright to share.

Spend time around success-driven people who have a dream and a goal, and you can set your mindset in tune with, start to think about how you can achieve it no matter what. The only question is, are you dreaming big enough?

Rupert Murdoch who you may or may not know changed his internal self talk, he said “I'm a catalyst for change....You can't be an outsider and be successful over 30 years without leaving a certain amount of scar tissue around the place.” Change is an important part of his business.

How about Greg Norman nicknamed “The Great White Shark” he said “You only get out of it what you put into it. If you are a sheep in this world, you're not going to get much out of it.” and similar people like Diana Williams founder of Fernwood Gyms, Naomi Simson founder of Red Balloon all created change to the internal self talk and pushed through to success.

These men and women may have had no idea about the particulars, specifics, and details of how they would accomplish all they set out to achieve. But guess what they do all have in common?


They all knew that they wanted something many of us are aiming for freedom, achievement, and success, and they just went out into the market place and made it happen.

They moved beyond making excuses for themselves. They didn’t play the “blame game” blaming the economy or a bad stroke of luck. They didn’t just sit back and watch someone else take the success what was theirs. Just like in every small business they heard 1000 “no’s” and countless “you can't s”, and THEY DID IT ANYWAY. They simply worked even harder. They beat the pavement and took action. They failed 11 times and stood up 12. They got down and dirty, got up, brushed themselves off and became stronger. They were defeated and they pushed through. They kept their eye on the dream and didn’t stop until they got to the outcome, the goal, the end result. And you know what? They haven't stopped now either!

They dreamed, they achieved, they conquered, and now they are just dreaming bigger! They aren’t complacent or apathetic. They are dreamers and doers and so are you!

Sometimes we have to stop, sit back and really ask ourselves, are we dreaming big enough?

Stop now and take a moment, and think long and hard:

Where are you now?

Where do you really want to be?

And what are you going to do to make sure that you get there?

The most important activity is to Start Dreaming! Dreaming about what you want, what is possible and go out and do it, make it happen!

Use any perceived failure as feedback this will make you stronger and more resilient.

So when you get out of bed tomorrow, as you are getting ready to start your day, stop and ask yourself, “AM I DREAMING BIG ENOUGH?”

Mark J Holland
NLP Business Coaching

Author's Bio: 

Mark Holland uses an approach to psychotherapy and a model of change based on the subjective study of language, communication and change. Mark as a NLP Mind Coach has a lot of success helping people change their mindset, make big changes and achieve big results.