Long-term care insurance is the only insurance product that can protect anyone who is at risk of facing expensive long term care (LTC), as it provides coverage for all types of LTC settings. However, it is necessary to compare long term care quotes from leading carriers before buying a policy to avoid overspending on your premium or running short of benefits.

Not many people would consider long term care insurance (LTCI) part and parcel of their retirement plan but the truth is, it should matter to everybody who is fast approaching the retirement age. Denial of the possible need for LTC services makes one at risk of big financial losses because the cost of nursing home care, assisted living, and even in-home care among others is not a joke. Many people, in fact, who required these services or perhaps had loved ones who needed such ended up using up all of their assets within a year or less.

Even though LTC is almost always associated with medical care, it should not be limited to this area. There are actually a lot of people who are not chronically ill and yet receiving LTC such as those suffering infirmity and those who have become disabled. It is natural, however, for individuals who are very sick or seriously injured resulting from an accident to require higher levels of care.

Once a person is no longer capable of performing his basic activities of daily living (ADL), which is actually the gauge of independence, then LTC becomes necessary. However, if one waits for an event that will qualify him for care before deciding to buy an LTCI policy it will be too late.

Compare Long Term Care Quotes While You Can

Younger members of the workforce who are earning a substantial amount are advised to purchase an LTCI policy while they still can. Most people who bought their policies after retiring from their jobs had difficulty maintaining their annual premiums due to their limited income.

According to the experts, the best way to shop for a policy is by comparing LTCI quotes from the top carriers. An interested applicant does not even have to personally request his quotes if he is too busy to do so. He can simply contact a licensed insurance agent who has been working closely with LTCI companies for years as the latter can help him gather his quotes. All he has to do is provide the necessary information like his age, city, family’s health history, present health condition, and preferred policy.

Upon receipt of LTCI quotes, the policy buyer has to peruse each rigorously as every insurance company follows a unique underwriting. Although each quote may feature the same components, you’ll see the difference in the rates. Go for the one that will cover 100% of your LTC expenses but if you think such policy is too expensive that it won’t possibly meet your budget for the premium, you can opt for one that will shoulder a bigger portion of your nursing home expenses as this type of facility is more costly than in-home care.

You can request your long term care quotes online or speak personally with your LTCI specialist.

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