In the early days of my career, I wondered how others were achieving success. I realized that observation and dedication to learning that includes continued trial and error will empower your effort.

My brief 3-Step System for Achieving Success:
1. Write out your vision and plan for going forth
2. Proceed your way each day giving your vision your all
3. Never give up but refine actions

“Believe you can and you will.”

My Story

We sometimes question what we are attempting to do. The bigger question we face is, is it time for something new?

My belief is not to give up until we become proficient at what we do and then decide what comes next. Should quitting come too soon, we may miss out on the necessary learning that we need for new endeavors.

The first step is to realize the people who are well ahead of you and may be willing to share insights. Should you work together, offer to take them to lunch for a private conversation or host a video call. Observing facial expressions and gestures while the other person speaks reveals more than just their vocabulary.

In the early days of sales, I would take the top producer to lunch. Before the conversation, a long list of questions was in the making. After the casual portion of the conversation, I would ask for insight on how to best work with the team and management. And then I would progress to how they achieved quota and bonuses.

The suggestions sounding most appealing were implemented. At the same time, I did so my way, my style, and began to do well. As an entrepreneur, I joined a few specific groups of seasoned professionals dedicated to teaching and sharing the best of what we know. Our collaborative efforts continue to help each of us advance more quickly.

Your Story About Achieving Success

As you diligently work each day, set time aside for the educational piece. Read books, take classes, and take note of the information that appeals to you most. Add to your routine the insights that are of greater interest. Then begin the habit of documenting the negatives and positives of each new strategy for determining which to keep.

One deterrent from achieving all you can is remaining stuck at an early plateau. Continually dream, learn, and reach for the stars. Those who have the motivation to succeed will never give up until they have achieved all they anticipate plus more.

Another problem is believing that retirement will have all the answers. For some, the leisurely life is the answer, while others realize the need to remain mentally as well as physically active.

Whichever age group you are in, periodically reflect on:
• How you began
• Where you are today
• What is next on your agenda

Upon reflecting on all of your achievements recognize what you continue to enjoy the most. You might redirect yourself to a new related path that will increase future enjoyment. By following a similar plan, you will find further success within the joy of your activities. And new heights, never before imagined will become yours.

One last suggestion is to share what you have on your mind with trusted friends. Should you hear mediocre reactions, you might question the effort. However, when you hear excitement on your behalf or unusual negativity – know that you are onto something terrific!

Keep going to avoid lifelong regrets and know that you are on the path to greater success than you initially thought to be possible.

Sales Tips for Achieving Success:
1. Know what you want
2. Hold your vision steady
3. Plan out how you will attain milestones
4. Maintain focus
5. Quietly applaud negativity
6. Keep your ideas in conversation with trusted peers
7. Learn from every experience good and bad
8. Don’t give up but continue moving forth
9. Tweak processes
10. Celebrate Success!

This article is provided to help you achieve The Smooth Sale!

Author's Bio: 

Elinor Stutz Breaking Barriers

Elinor Stutz broke through barriers long before doing so was popular. Against all odds she defied the theme, “women can’t sell” to become the top producer at every company she ever worked all the while ignoring attempts to get her to quit.

While on a stretcher with a broken neck predicted to be irreparable, Elinor saw two visions come to her. The first presented a report card showing it was her duty to begin empowering communities, and the second showed she was to become a worldwide speaker. She vowed with all her heart that she would rise to the occasion. But being the sales pro, she negotiated the outcome of healing 100%. The entire medical staff came to her recovery room to meet and exclaim her as “a walking miracle”.

Stutz’ motto became, “Believe, Become, Empower.”

Moving full steam ahead six months later, she created Smooth Sale. The idea was to teach teams how to create a returning and referring clientele. Once again, people laughed thinking a woman could not know enough about sales to train.

Elinor’s next steps to include ignoring all negativity:

• Her first book, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building that Gets Results, is an International Best-Seller featured in TIME Magazine and on CBS-TV news

• HIRED! Her second book was put into the hands of President and First Lady Michelle Obama for which she has personal handwritten thank you notes.

• The Smooth Sale blog enjoys wide distribution among corporations, entrepreneurs and media.

• A Top 1% Influencer

• Founding Member of the Sales Enablement Society

• Vice President Business Development, Powerful Women International Connections

Returning to her commitment to the visions of “Believe, Become, Empower” her work has manifested into many types of training programs, speaking events and teaching audiences how to achieve similar results.