Do you use your intuition to make final decisions or use the philosophy “sleep on it” and wake up with an answer in the morning?

These questions may seem a bit “out there” for hardcore businesspeople. However when you pay attention to all of your senses and thoughts, you develop a well-rounded framework from which to base difficult decisions and move your business forward.

Recently, I had a difficult time coming to terms with whether or not to coach with another. His reputation is unparalleled, yet I witnessed less than desirable customer service not on just one but on two occasions. My awakened mind said, “You need his service” but my dream state having mulled over all of the details led me to awaken knowing full well not to waste further time or money.

Just to be certain, I conferred with a trusted confidante who knows both of us well. She confirmed my decision by saying, “When integrity is out of alignment, don’t move forward.”

So let me flip the coin and ask you to examine your own procedures. Is your integrity in alignment in everything that you do and how you service others? Are you true to your brand; can people depend upon you to get your service as advertised? Should something not quite work out as expected, are you available to discuss and make things right?

To propel your business forward, do you have a vision of where you are headed with your business and personal goals? How often do you re-set those goals not because you didn’t achieve the previous ones, but for you to keep advancing upward?

My suggestion to maintain momentum is to keep stretching what you believe you can do. Hold a meeting with yourself every six months to review what has transpired. Carefully consider what worked and that which needs to be discarded and replaced. At the conclusion of your meeting, reset your goals. This is how you will advance more quickly than ever before.

In addition to knowing where you are headed, does your team know? Do you employ virtual assistants or full time help? If you do, they need to mirror your ideals and customer service policies. Mixed messages will lose business. When you sit down to re-establish your next round of goals, have your employees sit in on those meetings with you or at the very least, let them know everything that is on the agenda and all decisions that are made. This becomes imperative for when you are unavailable, your team will be able to accurately reflect you and maintain your brand.

Likewise, the company you keep and the referrals you make will reflect upon you. For instance, should someone suggest you connect with someone for their lucrative business connections but you do not like that person’s demeanor, the connections will fall flat and most likely you will detract from your brand. The same is true with making referrals – check in for how the referred service was delivered.

Most importantly everyone with whom you come into contact and those you employ must be fully aware of your rules for business and where you draw the line – and you must adhere to them at all times! This is your integrity, your brand and the well-being of your company today and into the future.

Author's Bio: 

As CEO of Smooth Sale, LLC and Author, Elinor Stutz inspires and motivates audiences and clients through speaking, training, coaching and product to achieve success more quickly and easily. Her program combines sales techniques, marketing-communications and social media for a holistic approach to business and all endeavors.

Elinor authored the best-selling book, “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results” , Sourcebooks, was featured in TIME Magazine and sells worldwide. Her new book, HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews, Career Press, will launch October 20, 2010.