In the same way that a child can disconnect from their feelings when they are too painful to handle, an adult can also do the same thing. In both cases, it can seem as though the feelings have disappeared.

Even so, in both cases the feelings will have most likely been pushed down into their body. And while an adult should have a greater capacity to handle how they feel, it doesn’t mean that they actually will.

Two Reasons

Firstly, just because someone is an adult, it doesn’t mean that they have the ability to handle their emotions. This could be an ability that they simply don’t have, making it hard for them to handle powerful feelings.

Secondly, if they were to experience something that was traumatic, this could end up overwhelming their system. Therefore, even if they do have the ability to handle how they feel, it won’t be possible on this occasion.

Time Goes By

Something will have happened that was too much for them to integrate into their system and this would have caused them to disconnect from how they felt. Along with losing touch with how they felt, they could also forget about what took place too.

This part of their life will then have faded from their timeline. However, although their mind will have forgotten about this moment in time and the feelings that go with it, it is still likely to affect their life.

One Part

As they will have disconnected from a part of themselves, it can be difficult for them to fully show up and to embrace the present moment. Part of who they are will have been split-off, weakening them in the process.

One is then not going to be as powerful as they would be if this wasn’t the case and to operate as a whole human being. Their energy probably won’t be as strong as it would be and it could be a lot harder for them to feel good and to be at peace.

More than One

If they have disconnected from more than one part of themselves, and there is a strong chance that they have, they are going to severely weakened. Being in the present moment and fully showing up can be more or less impossible and they can have very little energy.

Furthermore, they might have trouble getting in touch with their body and tuning into how they feel. One will be living on the surface of themselves and they won’t be able to truly embrace life.

A Few Examples

So when it comes to the type of experience that one may have disconnected from as an adult, it could relate a time in their life when they had a break up or lost their job. Perhaps there was a time when a family member passed on or they lost a pet, for instance.

Then again, a few of these things may have happened, and they may have happened on more than one occasion. What took place will be in the past, yet the emotional experiences that they had will still be in their body.

Final Thoughts

If one can see that they are carrying emotional pain from certain moments in their life, what they can do is reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

During this time, one can gradually get into their body and connect to the parts of themselves that they had to disconnect from. Through getting in touch with these parts and allowing them to express what they were unable to express, one can reintegrate these parts of their being.

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