Have you ever felt like you’ve lost your sense of power and maybe even all logic? That feeling that nothing is going to go your way? woman talking into her ear

The downward spiral seemingly starts out with an event. You’ve been diagnosed with a health verdict that sounds scary. Your mate or family member seems to be rejecting you or something important to you. Money is needed for some bills and it’s not appearing as fast or in big enough amounts to keep your anxiety down.

I remember reacting to all of these situations in the past with a feeling of desperation and hopelessness.

I had talked myself into a state of panic, literally believing all my fears were coming true, and my whole body reacted as if they were. I felt I could do nothing to affect the situation. I had brainwashed myself, playing a tape over and over again in my mind, filled only with fearful thoughts.

Each time I arrived back in my body with a sense of power, I looked at the situation with a new awareness.

Lucky for me, I now recognize when I am about to fall for my fear filled lies. Sometimes it’s easy to step off the merry-go-round of overwhelm. Other times I need my coach or a very grounded friend to remind me of the truth. The truth being that most fears are made up in our minds. And that I am a worthy and magnificent woman. That I simply need to get my butt up, dust off the self-pity and fear, and go do something different.

Getting out of your current environment when you are feeling stone-walled is a great start. Go for a walk, go meet a friend who is uplifting, run some errands or go play with your friends. These things all remind you that there is a big marvelous world out there filled with good experiences. When left with your own fear based thoughts, it can feel like you are having a daymare (a nightmare while awake!).

And if you’re going to talk yourself into something, make it something grand!

Self-talk I prefer to use when shaking off self-defeating thoughts:

* I rock! I just had amnesia for a moment.

* I’m going to take some action because there are lots of great things waiting for me to experience.

* I get to have whatever I want! This will all work out in the end.

* All is well. Look at all of the great things I have in my life and all the other fear-fits I have survived.

* I’m calling so-and-so to remind me of how wonderful I am.

* I am up to important things in this world and I don’t have time to kick myself around.

I’m sure you can come up with your own empowering self-talk. And you might as well go big…

* I will conquer the world.

* My TV show will blow Oprah’s following away.

* I am tapped in like Einstein.

Have a little fun. Goofiness never harmed anyone. ;-)

Everything will work out in the end. And even when it doesn’t, it does. The money will come, sooner or later. You will have a great partnership, if you so choose. You can heal your body and amaze your doctors.

Talk yourself into the good stuff, instead of believing the bad stuff.

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