As this country is turning more and more to collectivism (where you are part of a group, that has no rights, and that you must sacrifice for others) or are you part of a smaller group fighting to be a individual and staying true to yourself.

If you are fighting to stay an individual, I tip my hat to you keep fighting. If you believe in collectivism and like being in a group with no individual rights, then that is your choice, and this article will not mean all that much to you. If you feel that you have been stuck in a rut and not being true to yourself then read on and maybe we can help.

Man is supposed to create, he is happiest when he does. When he is creating he is being true to himself and to society. He is helping man live a better life, he is putting more into society and he is taking out. There is a war going on with most people and the war is taking place inside their heads and hearts. They want to be an individual but it is hard to do with a Government and Society that wants you to be a follower. They think that they know what is best for you and that you cannot make the right decisions for yourself. No one but you can decide what is best for you. It is your right to live life the way that you want and desire to live. A man cannot survive except through his mind. The only thing that we can control is our imagination, use it to move forward and create. Most people do not use their imagination, they forgot how. Bring back you child of the past where imagination thrived, use it to soar once again. Every idea, every thing invented came from someone's imagination. Here, you will find peace within yourself because you are being true to yourself. It should not be this hard to do, but the world right now is making it very hard to stay true to oneself.

If you start this new journey to follow your dreams and stay that individual that you know you can be, will give you such empowerment, such a joy, and a feeling of harmony with the world. This is how you are supposed to feel.

So, take back your life and start to live for yourself, do what you want to do and feel the freedom that comes with it. If, you think that you may need help with this than call us at Fagan and Associates at 856-340-3868 for a 30 Minute Free Consultation, or through the web site at

Coach Charlie Moore
Fagan and Associates

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I am a Life Coach and Master Trainer with Fagan and Associates. I bring 35 years of experience with Sales Management and Business, I also have mentored people through The Neothink Society. I co-host 3 National Calls a week in the Soceity and I am one of 14 Mentors with Neothink.

You will find me to be one to get to the bottom line, in other words, to help yourself and fine answers within you leading towards your personal success. That is what a life coach should do. I will help you to follow your heart, to reach your goals and your personal desires.