In today’s fast-paced business world, speaking in a soft-spoken voice is definitely not to your advantage: you need to be heard the 1st time you say it. While softer levels of volume may be culturally correct in some countries, here in the States, we tend to talk in a volume that is comfortably heard by all in the same room.

Whether you are sitting at the kitchen table or at your desk in the office, whether you are talking to the clerk in the department store or in conversation with someone in your car, using a correct amount of volume is important so that your words are heard the first time you say them. The volume I am referring to is what I call Volume Level 1. It is the amount of sound which most people in the States use throughout their day.

Of course there are exceptions to the above statement. If you work in a loud environment or teach, coach, or train in a large room, then you will certainly need to speak in a volume greater than Level 1. In the majority of cases, however, Volume Level 1 covers most people in most situations.

The issue here is not dealing with a volume greater than Level 1. My concern is whether you are using the ‘normal’ volume level of sound when in conversation for example. If others continually ask you to repeat yourself, then you have volume issues and you should consider learning how to increase your volume correctly and then make it a habit.

The difficulty for the soft-spoken is that their inner ear is most comfortable with their softer volume. Remember, you have spent your entire life speaking at a level that is below average. Trying to increase your volume to even just a ‘normal’ level will take effort and the retraining of your inner ear. (By the way, your inner ear is how you recognize your speaking voice which is not the same sound when you hear yourself on recording equipment.)

Clear communication, whether it is in person, over the phone, or by means of webinars and conferences on the computer, is vital for your success today. If others are unable to hear you – thereby not understanding your message – then they may decide to do business with those who they can hear comfortably the 1st time it is said.

Don’t accept your softer speaking volume. It is a liability. You have a ‘normal’ volume level of sound; you just need to recognize it, use it, and make it a habit.

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