Over the years, I have heard a number of people use the term ‘old soul’. Whenever this term has been used, it has been used to describe someone who is seemingly wise beyond their years, aware, a healer and/or someone who is ‘spiritual’, for instance.

It hasn’t mattered if this person was at the beginning of their life or they had been on this earth for quite some time, as this wasn’t seen as the first time they have been here. It was as though this person had been here numerous times before.

Past Lives

There have also been times when they were seen as having had important lives in the past. They might not hold a high position in society now, but in the past, they would have been someone who did.

And when it came to the lives that they did have, these would have been what enabled them to have the depth that they now possess. If it wasn’t for these experiences, then, they wouldn’t have been the same.

A Clear Reason

With this in mind, if someone lacks depth and self-awareness, it will be because they are a ‘new soul’. Like a small child, they won’t have been on this earth before which is why they won’t be very developed.

Unlike their fellow human beings who are ‘old souls’, they won’t know much about the human experience. As a result of this, it is to be expected that they will behave in ways that reflect how unevolved they are.

The Difference

An ‘old soul’ can understand that they are not separate from anything, that their outer world mirrors their inner world and that the duality of this earth – created by the mind – is an illusion. Consequently, they can be more loving, understanding, more likely to take responsibility for their life, and less caught up in the dual nature of the mind – more heart-based.

A ‘new soul’ can see themselves as being separate from everything, an observer of the world and caught up in the world of duality. Due to this, they can be more likely to harm another, to blame other people for what goes wrong in their life and to be caught up in the world is duality.

Another Outlook

Now, while this whole ‘old soul’ and ‘new soul’ description was something that made sense for a while, I ended up questioning it a little while ago. When I was looking over some of Philip Goddard's material, I came across a very different view.

In his opinion, it is not that those that are evolved who are ‘old souls’; it is those who are the least evolved who are ‘old souls. Those who are the most evolved are seen as having no soul, with them being “a direct incarnation of consciousness”.

An Interesting Perspective

One way of looking at this would be to say that it makes complete sense. After all, if someone has had many different lives, and has been through a lot, wouldn’t they be in a very jaded state?

This is similar to how as a child, someone can be full of life, and yet, by the time they become an adult, they can be in a very bad way. They can be bitter, have no energy and be disconnected from themselves.


One issue that can be put forward when it comes to this outlook is that if those that are more evolved are ‘new souls’, how can they remember past lives? One way of looking at this would be to say that they are tuning into lives that they themselves haven’t actually experienced.

Like a parasite, these lives have attached themselves to them. Someone can then believe that these lives are lives that they have experienced, with these lives relying on their life force to stay alive and taking their energy away from their present life in the process.

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