Paint it Red
Red or maroon outfits are considered to the traditional wedding outfits in india, if you think that pure maroon will look quite out of place in a foreign country you can pair a white lengha or saree with an embroidered red dupatta for a finish that will pay homage to the authentic indian bride in red.

Dual celebrations
For couples confused about how to combine ceremonies and rituals from two different cultures, a double ceremony is the perfect solution Traditional Indian ceremonies are often held in the morning because it’s considered an auspicious time of day; if you’re opting for two ceremonies, consider scheduling one in the morning and one later in the day right before the cocktail hour.

Even if you’re not wearing a traditional indian wardrobe, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some indian tradition to your look. Deeply colored mehndi designs are a stunning standout when contrasted with an elegant white gown.

Get desi with the Pre-Wedding Parties
some live music and dance performances to your rehearsal dinner to turn it into a glamorous sangeet. The party can even turn into a pre-wedding dance class: hire traditional bhangra or garba dancers to entertain everyone.

We already know the path to anyone’s heart is through their stomach — the same of course applies to your guests! Incorporating some lip-smacking desi dishes to your menu is an easy (and tasty!) way of adding indian style to your celebration.

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