And so another New Year's Eve, another set of resolutions. Will this year be any different for YOU? How can you assure it will be YOUR best year every? Before answering those questions, let's review. The insurance sales industry has approx 1.1M agents, yet due to retirement, death and aging the projections are for the industry to contract to 750,000 agents by the end of 2020. Thats the next 2 years. Now, the bottom 10% of sales agents have an earnings ceiling of $28k per year. Face it managers at McDonalds earn more then that. The top 10% have an earnings floor of $128,000 which helps create a median income of $48K per year. In a career that is ALL about MONEY, heloing educate, advise and work with people to attain financial independence the median agent earns $48K per year. I find this both sad, and appalling.
So, where are you in this narrative? I speak with agents every day and can hear the disappointment, discouragement and quite franky disillusionment. It shouldn't be this way. There are better ways to create wealth and provide service to others. Our organization is doing this every day. We help agents define markets, identify prospects, provide a unique message of financial indepnendence and earn closer to the floor of the top 10%. I know there are too many messages and narratives from independent marketing organizations promising the moon and delivering the sidewalk. These organizations a populated with what I sadly describe the walking dead. These are agents who are for some reason in the bottom 10% but keep walking around. Of course the marketing organizations never help them identify their circumstance because the law of large numbers works for the marketing agencies. Getting 1-3 sales per year from 1,000's of the walking dead becomes quite profitable for the marketing organizations. Those rainmakers in the top 10% have learned how to navigate the scorched earth left by the walking dead.
If you want to rise above it all and reach out for the top 10% you need to CHANGE everything you are presently doing. If your annual income is less than $100K it's time to blow up your present processes because they are clearly not working. The issue is awareness. The industry is filled with generalists, they represent about 75% of the sales force. About 15% are specialists who earn double what the generalists earn. The next level (which is where you want to be) is that of an authority. Authorities earn more than generalists and specialists combined. It's a level of professionalism where YOU are recognized and resepcted for being an authroity in your field, a thought leader in your industry. The public seeks these type of people out. The power of authority is the power of recognition, its a plateau that differentitates you from all the competitors.
8% of so of the sales force are authorities the final 2% have reached the pinnacle status of celebrity. There is no attainment of this level without becoming an authority. I have to cringe when I see all the marketing guru's selling programs to immediately brand you as an authroity or celebrity. You could BUY this type of brand but it would cost you $100's of thousands of dollars in branding for so called quick results. You know who earns the greatest profits off your money? The very marketing guru's who are selling you the magic silver bullets, that's who. The answers are simple. You need marketing, education, content, facilitation, execution, coaching and accountability. The Advocacy Network has built all of these tools into the only fully integrated, interactive 3D virtual office/campus/community. There is no comparable platforms, there are no comparable solutions.
It's process driven, unique messaging, and professional differentiation. YOU will be recognized as a Financial Concierge who has an aura of authority. You will earn more income, provide more services, create multiple streams of income and enjoy exponential growth. You need to possess an open mind, be coachable, have a buring desire to help others and the commitment to learn and replicate a proven process. (Not script based, or technique based) Our process is strategic planning followed up by the necessary tactical approach specific to your needs and markets you serve.
If you want to help people attain financial independence thereby creating your own financial independence we are the answer. Call me Karl Schilling 321-947-3220 to discuss how you can become a Financial Concierge.

Author's Bio: 

The Founder of the Advocacy network has over 40 years’ experience in the Financial Services, Resort Real Estate, Business and Sales Coaching industries. He has either worked directly or consulted for such notable companies as Northwestern Mutual, Prudential, Metropolitan Life, Lincoln Financial Services, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Ginn Development Company, Playground (Intrawest), Lennar Homes, Exit Realty, Remax, Merrill Lynch, Nightingale-Conant, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy and many others. Karl was one of the initial certified trainers for the classic Earl Nightingale Lead the Field program. He has developed an extensive network of investment banking, B/D and Financial Services contacts through his marketing advisory work with small micro-cap public entities. In 2009 he raised over $23M in capital for small micro-cap issuers. Presently he consults for both public entities advising on capital raise concepts as well as those seeking to go public

Karl published the “Fabulous Fortunes through F.A.L.U.R.E in 2003 and developed small workshops that promoted a fresh perspective on the concept of failure. In 2008 he was asked to be a participating co-author in “The Power of the Platform” other co-authors included Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Dr. Tony Alessandra and an impressive list of others. Most recently Karl published “You Might Be Getting Scammed When…” as a platform piece for the Advocacy Network. This year a new book “The Middle-Class Millionaire Plan” is being released.

During 40 years of selling and training Karl has won numerous awards including the prestigious MDRT qualification and been selected as a platform motivational speaker.

Karl entered a sales career to continue his coaching career in Baseball. He coached at the HS, College and professional levels. During 18 years of coaching he was fortunate to have led 5 teams to championships at different levels including a College World Series appearance. He served as a Coach and a MLB Scout during which time he produced over 65 players that were selected in the MLB Amateur draft. (This included his son Chris selected in 1999 by Milwaukee)

During all his experiences Karl has maintained a role of advocate for those he served. The role of an advocate is to help those who desire improvement of skills, position, life style or life experience. Karl provided this in both the athletic and business arenas.

The reason he started the Advocacy Network was to provide clear transparency in the many aspects of financial decisions that will face investors and small businesses today. Smart decisions about money will entail many needs including insurance, retirement funding, investing, employee benefits, college funding and many other serious financial decisions. Advocacy is the Chinese wall between your best interests and the conscious and unconscious bias of the service providers seeking your dollars.

“As your advocate I simply have your best interests in mind always, assuring that you get to make smart decisions about money.” __Karl Schilling