It was tempting to write another title headline: Are You an Addict?
I decided against it for it is not my intention to highlight the word addict; instead my intention is to inspire action.

So, to be clear the word ACtIOn is the operative meaning.
What does it mean to be an action addict?
That is a curious question that deserves a ten minute time out.
Maybe it would be helpful to think about the words separately and then create your own connotations.

The question is not a random question, but one I have been puzzling over for the past year. I have gone so far to ask myself what is the opposite of "action addict?" Is it boredom? Is the antithesis laziness? Does addict mean that you ignore, surrender control or relinquish your ability to do anything about addictive behavior? I hope not.

To posit another counter question is to ask the looming question WHY? Why do I do the things I do? Why am I an action addict? This is the soul question that I ask readers to ask themselves – WHY -in my book, Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits under Obstacle 74: Over-activity.

Recently I read a posting that supports what I wrote in the book. Let me quote this directly:

“Unearthing the reasons why we fill our lives with so much gives us insight into our character. When we do so many things, it is often because we are afraid to cope with our deepest feelings – the act of doing then, doesn’t become something constructive, but rather an effort to evade what is happening within. The simple act of noting down our feelings about our responsibilities can be a way for us to open the door into ourselves and see just how much we tend to skirt around our uncomfortable emotions by trying to replace them with things that fill our time.” ~ Daily OM


An action addict to me is someone in-tuned to the action (verb) steps it takes to achieve certain results or outcomes and they are addicted to doing the action until the goal complete or the result is manifest.

Joe Vitale, in The Secret, says that what you give your attention to is what you manifest. Where attention goes, it grows (I think this is a James Arthur Ray saying).

So, the pivotal question is what addictive action are you giving your attention to?

My action addictions are: speaking, writing, organizing, analysis, sharing, service projects, and learning; all positive extensions of my personality and purpose. I know exactly WHY I utilize my time and talents this way. My intended outcome or the result that I am intending is to add LIFE (learning, inspiration, function, and expertise) so that I can direct the destiny of each person in my influence circle.

What actions are you addicted to?

Post your responses on the discussion page.

Celebrate the action addictions and the clarity of purpose that you have!

Author's Bio: 

Anita Jefferson knows her WHY purpose and passion in life and encourages others to know their WHY too. Her book, Climb Every Obstacle: Eliminate Your Limits, guides you to WHY.