If you are promoting affiliate programs you may have heard about this term 'super affiliate guru' many times. But what is a super affiliate guru? What does it take to be called one in affiliate marketing?

What is a Super affiliate Guru?

There isn't an official definition of one but in my opinion, it has to be someone who does affiliate marketing really well. This person must also be earning more than the average Internet marketer possibly at least $10000 a month just on affiliate profits alone. As a guru is someone who can impart his knowledge to his students or disciples so a super affiliate would be an Internet marketer who is extremely successful and who coaches or mentors other Internet marketers. Moreover, Super affiliate marketing Guru are those who have devoted their precious time and effort to go in with the best online advertising programs and employ excellent affiliate marketing techniques to come up with huge traffic to their own sites. Some of these renowned marketers make money with article marketing programs that helps drive quality web traffic to their WebPages.

Where to find One

To be very honest, most of the self proclaimed gurus are not legitimate ones and they are just out to make some quick cash from you. So how do you find the real ones? There is one way that has worked for many. If you received an email from someone who calls himself a super affiliate guru, just write back to him to provide evidence that he made money using the proven system he mentioned. Ask for case studies, testimonials etc. If he does reply back do pay attention to what he has to say and how sincere his response is. Does he provide free teleseminars or video/audio files as these can be quite useful information?

Be Prepared to Pay for Proven System

Well you now know what a super affiliate guru is and how to identify a real one amongst those fake self-proclaimed ones. You may now wish to consider following the proven systems used by them to take your affiliate programs marketing to the next level. However they tend to be a little expensive. Perhaps it's because good things are never cheap; cheap things are never good. On top of that, most of these gurus are using affiliate marketing tools , which could as well be one of the best ways to be successful in the online world.

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