I have called upon the leaders of the world to start a LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION. In order to make my dream become a reality, we need to employ some proactive, aggressive action right away.

One of the most common terms used for good leadership these days is SERVANT LEADERSHIP. Although I am a proponent of that concept and completely accept that servant leadership is wonderful methodology, I am afraid that it may be lulling a lot of the world’s leaders into a reactive, rather than proactive state. Some leaders use the term SERVANT LEADERSHIP as a reason to reduce the amount of genuine leadership activities they perform. They allow their followers to take the lead and they shy away from assertive, hands-on leadership work. They serve but they do not lead.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP is not about serving...it is about leading! Always remember that leaders must perform in outstanding ways in order to set the example for everyone watching.

If you want to bring your organization to higher level of performance, you need to start a LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION and become a LEADERSHIP WARRIOR right away. If there are any areas of your organization that are not performing to your preferred benchmark, you need to change your approach to leadership so that you can start building a brighter future. You need to start fighting for your right to be a great leader and build a leadership movement that will have your followers rallying around you.

We all know that one rotten apple can spoil the entire barrel. If there is one person or one department in your organization that is operating in less than stellar fashion you need to go to them and boldly state that you have
started a LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION and that you want unanimous support. Let them know that the personnel carrier you are driving into battle has room for everyone but it cannot afford any roadblocks or detours on the road to success.


As you travel across the battlefield of your LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION you will find casualties. In fact, you might even have to create some casualties in order to achieve the level of performance you require. Make no mistake though...the survivors will carry you forward and they will bring new recruits to fill the gaps left by those who fell along the way. And, don’t stop at leading the people you have now! You want to be known as the leader that virtually everyone wants to follow.


-As you are reading this, ask yourself the following question: “Is my organization the EMPLOYER OF CHOICE in its field?”
-And then ask yourself this: “Am I the BEST LEADER there is in my field?”

If you were forced to honestly answer NO to either of those questions, you have some work to do and you are probably not a LEADERSHIP WARRIOR yet! You might be a nice person and you might even be a servant leader but you are not a warrior and your revolution has probably not begun.
Instead, you are just getting by...you are in survival mode!

The danger in just getting by or simple survival is that your workers are watching you and they might decide to start their own revolution to overthrow you in your weakened state. In that event, even if your organization survives the battle, you might not. The other imminent threat is of course, that your competitors or your enemies are always looking for cracks in your armour that will allow them to do grievous harm to you and your followers. Keep your armour clean and your weapons sharp by always leading with integrity!

Once you become a LEADERSHIP WARRIOR, your army will grow from within and you will be overrun with new recruits. You will be moving toward a reputation as a passionate, charismatic leader that the world will follow. Think about some of the great leaders of history...General Douglas MacArthur, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Ghandi, Colin Powell. Every one of them was a warrior for their cause...and every one of them served their people boldly with no concern for themselves.


These terms are not mutually exclusive. The best leaders are servant leaders who fight for their cause. They are best of the best and they never rest until their revolution is won.



I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

All the Best
Wayne Kehl

Author's Bio: 

Wayne Kehl is a lecturer, author, personal coach and bevioural analyst in British Columbia, Canada