What is the message you would tell the world, if you had only 5-10 minutes? How do you condense a lifetime of lessons, wisdom and growth into such a short window? Obviously, you would have to write everything down, prioritize and edit, until you had a gem, highly polished and ready for public viewing.

I recently went through that very experience when I had to create my video for the "Are You a Messenger?" project. 100 messengers have posted their videos on the website (areyouamessenger.com) and we have until 02/15/13 to promote ourselves, get votes and comments. Why would we do this? We are vying for a spot in the movie that will be filmed this Spring, and only 10 of us will be chosen.

It surprised me that I was so reluctant to work on the video. I would find many things to distract me (laundry, cleaning house, errands, etc.) It was not until my back was right up against the deadline that I got cracking. And discovered, to my dismay, that I had too much material for a 10 minute video!

It may sound easy to edit yourself, but I was amazed at how difficult it was for me to decide on the 3 key concepts that would form the basis of my video. It was crucial to share a personal story that tied in with the 3 concepts. After many retakes and edits, I finally settled on my central topic - Miracle Workers.

Without discussing the details here, why don't you click over to the website and search for moi (110). Please leave a comment and vote - you will automatically receive a free copy of the movie when it is released.

Remember, we are all messengers. What message do you send to those you love, your co-workers or business associates, and friends? Are you consistently loving and open to other people, or do you find yourself being critical of yourself and others? The great news is that you can change yourself and change your world. Go check out my video and see how to do it.

And if you agree with my statements, would you please share it with your network? That way, you become a messenger too!

Author's Bio: 

Kathryn Eriksen is an expert on transformation and evolution of self. She jumped from a full-time legal career feet first (or head first) into writing, and has published numerous inspirational and spiritual books, articles and blog insights. She is passionate about sharing her love of God and believes that the connection to God is waiting for each one of us to claim.

Kathryn's website is www.KathrynEriksen.com. Check out her books on Amazon - "Dance with the Divine" was just released to rave reviews!