For years my life was filled with negative drama thriving on the attention it brought me. Everyone around me would jump right in to try to help me solve my dilemma of the day. It seemed I couldn’t make one decision in my life without getting feedback from every person I came into contact with. Being a hairstylist, then teacher gave me a large pool of people to emote to.

As I stepped onto the path of self awareness I began to realize I was as Dramaholic! I was as addicted to drama as anyone hooked on cigarettes, alcohol, sex or food. I still am. Only now I focus on my positive dramas more and more. Yes, once in a while I still get caught up in the negativity around me. I am human after all.

How about you? Are you a Dramaholic?
 Does everything that could go wrong seem to go wrong for you?
 Do you feed off retelling your “woe is meees” to every sympathetic ear?
 Do you seem to have a repertoire of excuses for being late or behind on projects?
 Do you make mountains out of molehills and enjoy watching reactions you get?

Yes, you say! Then you will be happy to find out you don’t have to give it up! All you need to do is change your focus from negative to positive drama and share, share, share!

I often wear an elastic band on my arm to snap myself out of the negative place I am in by bringing attention to it and following it with a positive thought.

How can you become a Positive Dramaholic? By Focusing on and Embellishing the Positive Dramas in Your Life: (The WOW Moments)
 How often a parking spot is right there when needed
 How many kind or friendly people we come into contact with each day
 Unexpected gifts of time, love, money or compliments
 All the beautiful pictures Mother Nature keeps creating to awe us

Yes, other Dramaholics might try to pull you back to the “dark side” on occasion. It’s human nature. Just take a step back to watch their antics as if viewing a comedy sitcom. It won’t be long before you are smiling, even laughing at how much they mirror you when you are at your Dramatic best. Everyone benefits from a good laugh at life!

Have You Had Your Laugh Today? Just DO It!

(from Carolyn's Lighten UP column in What Women Want Plus More Magazine)

Author's Bio: 

A high school teacher of a customer service subject for many years, Carolyn Shannon of Venting Creatively, had to find ways to cope with stress, and to help her students handle life’s daily trials in more positive ways.

Further development of these techniques for herself and others led to Art from the Heart Adventures workshops in 1997, followed by Carolyn's first book of the same title.

Since then Carolyn has authored 3 more books ... a children's version of Art from the Heart Adventures titled What Really REALLY Bugs Me ... Sometimes, The LIGHTer Side of Venting and “DRAWING” The Law of Attraction into YOUR Life. Carolyn has also created hands-on workshops on the themes of ALL 4 books.

Carolyn’ mission is to encourage self-discovery and empowerment by helping others see that it is never too early or too late to look at their lives from a “different” view.

In September of 2008 Carolyn became the Niagara Region Chapter Leader for People in Connection an Online & Local Networking Group for which she hold Monthly Luncheon Events in St. Catharines (2nd Wed) and Niagara Falls(1st Wed)

In December 2010 Carolyn & Rosemary Evangelista of launched Women of Worth Online Magazine which Celebrates The WOW Gal in Every Woman by featuring monthly WOW Gals Stories and Reviews. Every Woman Has a WOW Story. The WOW