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Raising a baby is no piece of cake, and infants especially demand a lot of effort and love. If you’re the parent of an infant, you care for your baby around the clock and cater to their growing needs for a safe and healthy upbringing. Thank goodness for modern parenting innovations that make your job easier and provide a lot of comfort for your baby. A wipe warmer is one of our favorite tools to recommend to parents because it’s simple in concept and actually makes a huge difference in caring for your baby!

So What is a Wipe Warmer Anyway?

A wipe warmer is a compact electronic device that warms up baby wipes before you use them on your baby’s soft bottom, without drying the wipes out. The feel of a cold, wet wipe can startle babies and cause extreme discomfort, especially when they are sound asleep or ill. The heated wipes feel warm and comfortable against your baby’s skin and provide them with a much better experience. You can keep it in the baby’s nursery to aid you while nursing or changing your baby’s diaper.

Wipe warmers are usually a boxed container that can hold up to 100 wipes at a time. You can access the wipe warmer by opening the top lid. The convenient design of the covering lid has a heating element that removes moisture and spreads warmth when it's closed. It also includes a sponge at the bottom of the container to prevent your wipes from drying out. Newer models of wipe warmers now even have an added feature that can sprinkle water over the wipes to keep them moisturized.
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Is a Wipe Warmer Necessary, or Just a Gimmick?

Warming up wipes before use can help protect your little one and prevent illnesses. Infants and toddlers have delicate body parts and a weaker immune system that makes them more vulnerable to illness and viral infections. Experts advise parents to keep their children in a warm, comfortable space to prevent cold and irritation. However, you cannot possibly keep your child completely warm if you’re using cold, wet wipes for cleanup purposes. We are all aware of the benefits associated with fresh wipes, but a single cleanup in unsuitable weather or just an air-conditioned apartment can be less than pleasant on your baby’s perfectly soft behind.

How Do I Use a Wipe Warmer?

Wipe warmers are convenient and easy to use - and are especially helpful during those late night diaper changes! Simply place the cold wipes on the sponge to fill the wipe warmer, make sure to close the top lid, and wait until the wipes get warm - it might take a few minutes. Once warm, you can take each wipe out separately whenever needed. We advise you to keep the bottom of the warmer moisturized for efficient heating, even if there’s no sponge. This prevents the wipes from completely drying out.

How Do I Clean a Wipes Warmer?

Wipe warmers are incredibly easy to clean and require minimal effort for maintenance. You can open the top of the wipe warmer and wipe the inside with a soft cleaning detergent, water, and a microfiber cloth or even a paper towel. Some warmers have added tools such as sponges, water sprayers, timers, lights, etc. that require a specific way to clean each part. So, you’ll want to take some time to read the included instruction manual and follow the manufacturer recommendations to sanitize the warmer regularly.

Are Wipe Warmers Safe?

Wipe warmers are generally a safe accessory for your baby’s nursery; but as with any device, there are certain risks and electrical hazards you should know about since they can cause harm to you or your child if misused. We recommend the following precautions to avoid accidents and keep your baby safe and sound:
● Unplug the wipe warmer after use to prevent overheating and avoid leaving it powered on for extended periods
● Leave the unused wipes inside the container and only take out the ones you need
● Do not soak the sponge more than required and avoid adding too much water to the base
● Keep the warmer clean and hygienic by wiping it with an antiseptic cloth every week
● Only purchase and heat wipes that are suitable for your baby’s delicate skin
● Keep the top lid closed at all times to avoid contamination

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Purchase Guide: Where to Find the Best Wipe Warmers

Wipe warmers and the brands that offer them in the market have become almost ubiquitous in recent years as wipe warmers have taken off in popularity. While it’s not rocket science, making an informed decision regarding any baby product is always the responsibility of each and every parent. There are several designs and features by some notable brands that set them apart. We’ve put together this quick purchasing guide to help make your decision easier!

How much do wipe warmers usually cost?

Wipe warmers come in several different designs, and any extra features add to the cost of the device. A good wipe warmer usually costs around $15 to $30. Certain manufacturers offer cheaper warmers, but they aren't very durable and might cause problems due to shoddy construction. So below we cover some of the ‘must have’ features we think every parent will appreciate.

What are the “must have” features?

The top wipe warmer brands now offer a larger capacity, viewing windows, colorful night lights, secure voltage adapters, waterproof circuitry, and several other appealing features in their products. However, you need to be mindful of keeping your wipes from drying out, especially if you are using evo wipes, water wipes, cloth wipes, or flushable wipes. Look out for a model that retains the moisture inside the warmer by either manually adding water to the base or by using a wet sponge and water sprinklers.

Where can I buy a wipe warmer?

Apart from finding some general brands at local department stores like WalMart, Target, or Costco, you’ll find the greatest variety with most helpful reviews online and we think that Amazon does a pretty thorough job here. But if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the choices on Amazon, check out this helpful guide that compares the most popular options for wipes warmers on Amazon.

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