Do we ever think about our skin? It is the largest organ of our body.

Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxic chemicals, poisons, sprays, plastics, processed food, stress and there for we are becoming unhealthy.

We Eat With Our Skin

The skin absorbs and eats whatever we put on it. Anything we rub on it or touches our skin can go directly into the bloodstream.

This is why medicine in skin patches has become so popular over the years; the medications from the patches absorb directly through the skin. In actual fact, anything you put on the skin can go directly in to your bloodstream. Soaps, make - up, creams and the like should prove food grade quality. As a rule of thumb: If you can't put it in your mouth, don't put it on your skin.

Chemical Cocktails in Cosmetics!

Chemical cocktails have been found in hundreds of cosmetics and toiletries. According to ongoing studies most cosmetics contain a cocktail of cancer-causing agents and are still on the market regardless of the consequences. Most make-up on the market is toxic and ends up causing just the opposite of what you are trying to avoid, oxidative damage to your skin.

All this makes sense when you consider skin ages as we age from oxidants and lousy nutrition, chemicals, smoke, emotional stress and excessive sun. Although sun is healthy as in small amounts for the most needed vitamin "D". Most sunscreens are not the protectors we may think they are. The best organic sunscreen cream should have a broad spectrum of ultraviolet protection against both UVB and UVA rays, otherwise the sunscreen is worthless or even dangerous.

The Endless Chemical Ingredients!

There are over 11,000 ingredients used in products such as shampoos, moisturizer, make up, deodorants, lipsticks etc., all of them contain chemicals and toxins. Women should there for stop the use of deodorants and anti-perspiring deodorants as a result of a chemical called parabens used as preservatives in under arm products and in many cosmetics. The same chemicals were also found in breast cancer tissue and tumors.

Hair-dye products contain ingredients derived from carcinogenic coal-tar, also found in popular products included benzyl, violet, formaldehyde, lead acetate, selenium sulfate, nitrofurazone and silica. Most of the products contain ingredients known as "penetration enhancers" for increasing penetration through the skin. Nitrofurazone has a high infection risk, although used in most creams.

Toothpaste - How Safe Is It Really?

It's not as safe as we like to think it is. Propylene Glycol and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate are just two of the many harmful ingredients used in toothpaste.

What is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate? It is a Caustic detergent used as industrial floor cleaner, engine degreaser, anti-freeze, also as major ingredient in brake and hydraulic-fluid. Our toothpaste, soaps, cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners and lotions contain the same chemical. Exposure to SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) may lead to hair loss, eye damage, skin irritations, and may have residual effects on your liver, heart, brain and kidneys.

Reading the fine print on a toothpaste container, "warning", if swallowed seek medical advice, do we really assume that children when brushing their teeth don't swallow some of that stuff? Many of the personal care products also have warning labels: "Keep out of reach of children", or if swallowed contact a poison control center. Reading anything like this should immediately trigger a warning light flashing in front of our eyes.

Talc - what do we know about it?

Talc, is a soft gray-green mineral used in many personal hygiene and cosmetic products. Inhaling talc is harmful as this substance is a recognized carcinogen. Talc is also known as one of the leading causes of ovarian cancers. It is often used by mothers, especially on babies when changing nappy around the genital area, and can also be found on condoms. It is known those chemicals get in to our body and bloodstream. Using such products as many of us do over long periods of time can have a harmful effect on our health and will have many ongoing side effects.

So What Can We Do About It?

There is some good news and light at the end of this dismal tunnel. All products, personal care products, toothpaste and more that are effective, of high quality and safe to use without any side effects are available.
The sad part of this is, somehow the good and safe products are always hard to find and not readily available of supermarket shelves.

As most personal care products are unhealthy and contain poisoned ingredients.

I have searched widely for the best natural supplements and products free of chemicals and save to use.

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